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Hi There,
I just wanted to share some info for anyone thinking of breeding. I have been breeding now for 4 years, I did my research and spent a small fortune getting ready for almost a year before I started my site. Now breeding your dragons and getting the eggs incubated is the fairly easy part since your dragon does most of the work. Ahhhhhhh, but now the poopers start hatching, and it seems a little hard to find homes, and guess what you have more eggs being laid even tho you only bred you girl 1 time she has laid 4 clutches of about 20 to 25 eggs. Now your scrambling for tank space or building racks, and OMG you know have to buy 12 to 20 thousand crickets a week just to feed them right. Not to mention the bags and bags of greens and lighting. Any idea how much you can spend on 20 thousand crickets a week? So to those that are thinking of breeding because it seems like its fun or cute or even if you think you will make a fast buck(you wont by the way) its a huge responsibilty to do it properly. So take the time to do the research talk to breeders, find out the cost of finding homes for the babys , or the cost of NOT finding homes. Breeding dragons isnt something that anyone should try on a whim.
Morning All,
I just want to stress that this thread is in no way meant to be a discouragement. My intent with this thread as well as the merged threads is to get people to think before they leap. I am asking anyone that posts to this thread to keep it informational, clean and as non judgemental as possible. Myself included here. I know I have flamed a few people in the past as well, and I reall dont want this thread to be a flameing station. There is alot of good info in here but there isnt all the info in here. There are many way to do the same thing. I have said this many times to many people ( As long as the BASIC needs of your dragon are met the rest is simply fluff and eye candy.) Does that make what your doing compared to Me wrong?? No it just makes it different.

Twobeardieguy Sicko
I agree totally with TOM !!!!!! If you think you are ready well do more homework!! Because it is not an easy task!!! Just ask one of us breeders we wont lie!!!!! Also don't forget the electric bill at the end of the month!!! :banghead: Another thing if you have a handicapped beardie or two, think about if they are gonna get the proper care and maintenance!! Ask yourself well what will I do with them or what if they DIE, It is not an easy task!!! TRUST US!!!!!!!!! Good day and I hope this post has helped you make the rite choice!!


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I am not a breeder, most likely won't ever be one either. But everything I have read, and speaking to both these Gentlemen and others on a daily basis , supports the statements made.

I urge anyone thinking of going into breeding, should consider and consider again.
Janie :)


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This is a good thread Tom. The only subject you left out that is very important, is to know the bloodline of the breeders you bred so you won't be inbreeding. If you breed, breed for quality, strong and healthy dragons not for a quick buck. :wink:

I am not a breeder but have gone to many reptile shows and I have yet to talk to a breeder at a show in my area that knew the bloodlines of both the male and female that produced the babies. :dontknow: Most people looking for baby beardies don't think to ask about the bloodlines but if a person wants a strong, healthy dragon, the breeder they chose should know this information or go somewhere else where they do know it.


Dear WolfmanTom.
First, you may not remember me but you replied to my post (5-28-09) of Bruiser laying eggs for the first time and suggested moving her cage so she could not see the male Felix next to her because she ended up laying almost 100 eggs in a month time. You also suggested waiting at least a year before breeding. Thank you! I had another question. I know adult dragons need 80 per cent veggie diet. Is that daily? I now feed approx. 3 doz each (I have 3 adult dragons) every other day. Should this be daily? Am I under feeding? My 3 loves seem healthy. Thanks for your help.


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Super post Tom! The responsibility is HUGE! Aside from the cost (If you're thinking of a high amount... think higher!), the amount of time to properly take care of the little tikes takes just about all of the free time you may have. Forget weekend drives or days out visiting with friends. You've got little mouths to feed three times a day! Little cute poopies to clean up ALL day! Cages and furniture to break down and disinfect daily! Thousands of feeder insects to care for. Bowls of salad to prepare (tiny pieces takes a long time to tear).... I can go on and on! LOL! We love it but it's work! Thank goodness we have good outside employment to help pay for the sweeties and a wonderful daughter who helps during the day while we're away!


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Great post... it drives me bonkers people breeding that shouldn't be breeding. I'll stick to my all male household!


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Glad everyone likes this post. I just wanted to throw out some info that I deal with as a breeder. I consider my breeding a hobby and no where near a profesional volume. I could never support my family with this as my


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Tom this is a great post. I also agree that some people think that it is fun and easy but dont consider everything intailed in breeding this great animal. I am a hobby breeder who has been working with reptiles for 15 years, if it wasn't for the love of the animals and the hobby( a good paying job helps lol) I would not be breeding as it is not cheap, as we all know. I enjoy doing it and would not be able to support my family doing it fulltime. As eclpsprinc pointed out it is very time consuming and thankfully my job alows me time to care for all my animals properly. Again great post :D


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Well fire up the posts about nipped tails and toes, impacted babies and general care.
It seems to Me that there are a ton of people attempting to breed with minimal or no research.
PLEASE correct me if im wrong. I would Never try to discourage anyone from the experience, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know what you are doing before you put your male and female together. Do you know what 20 thousand crickets cost?? 120 babys can go thru that in a week.
Im gonna put my soapbox away for now because I dont want this to get
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