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Thinking about breeding Tangerine Honduran Milk snakes

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Hatchling Member
Hi all! I am looking into breeding Tangerine Honduran Milk snakes. I have one, I’m pretty sure she is a female but I really don’t know. Tangi is around 4 to 5 years. I would also need another snake... I'll post pictures here of her tail here soon, Tangi just ate so in the next couple of days.
What incubators do you all recommend? If I’m gonna do this I’m gonna get an awesome reptile incubator. Price doesn’t matter much. Oh and if I could use it with my bearded dragons too that would be great!
Can you house babies in the same cage after hatching?
What bedding do you all like to use for eggs?
What containers do you like to use for eggs?
Is the cooling period really necessary prior to breeding?
I heard you cannot go above 84 and not below 80 and 90% humidity, correct? And what temperature do you set it on? 82F?
If I end up getting a male or female, what variations are there? I wouldn’t mind getting one with different colors but I still want it to be a hounduran milk snake. I'm not entirely sure if that's how you say that but, you know what I'm trying to get at, right?
Thank you in advance!:)
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