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Hey everyone!
Not really sure how active this part of the forum is, but thought Id give it a try and post here anyway.
Lately I've been really considering getting a Uro. I have one beardie right now, but I have always been interested in Uros.
I've read a couple care sheets (including the one from deer fern farms), so I know about possibly using bird seed as substrate and the UVB vs good diet and supplementation thing, but I just wanted to find out opinions about Uros from people who own them.
I know they aren't as social as beardies, but if you get them while young is there a good chance of them becoming accustomed to handling? I have a relative who has one and swears his is the sweetest thing who actually likes to be out and handled.
So, any advice or opinions for someone considering a Uro?

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I tend to disagree with deerfernfarms on the uvb vs. good diet subject. There is no reason you have to pick one or the other. A uvb bulb should be used in my opinion/experience ALONG with a good diet. One can't make up for the other.

Do you have any specific questions you want answered? Or certain tips?

I can't comment on the baby situation since I got Calcifer as an adult already but even getting her as a very skittish adult, I've still been able to get her accustomed to being handled... for the most part haha. I have heard the breed of uro really plays a big role in how tame they are.



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The breed plays a role? I didn't know that. Do you know which breeds are the most personable?
I think I'll also go with both UVB and supplementation/good diet. I don't see how it could hurt, and better to have something that might not be necessary, than regret not having it later.

Do Uros enjoy roaming around the house? (This is probably a silly question.. :roll: ) I know my beardie loves exploring and he loves roaming around.

Is it good to bring them outside for some real sun? I'm sure it must be...but I feel obligated to ask.

Is bird seed OK to use even with hatchlings?

Is there any specific way you should go about taming a Uro? My beardie was social right from the first day, so my only experience with skittishness is from geckos, but that was a while ago and I'm sure much different.

Also, is there a particular breed you would recommend for a first time Uro owner?

Thanks for your advice!


I have had Gunthar for exactly one month. As a result of the short period, I cannot claim any real experience, but can give a few observations..

Guthar is skittish. I have not handled him since they day I got him from Deer FernFarms, preferring to allow him a long settle in time. I am in the process of either slowly placing food he likes (think snack items like flower stamens) next to him on his basking site. Occasionally he will take it from my hand, but is noticeably nervous. My hope is that if we keep doing this, he will make the connection hand=food=all is well.

As I have said in other threads here, I am taking the same tact you are planning for UVB. Lighting and diet. Why choose one or the other when you can use both? It is also my intention, on the assumption he becomes mellow enough to do so, to take Gunthar out for some real sun on occasion when he is older.

As far as breed goes, I understand that the Mali and Ornate uro's seem to be suggested often for new owners. I went with a mali as I like the size and adult coloration.

From my understanding, birdseed is ok even for juvies. I would stick with seed for small birds, like finches and parakeets. No sunflower seeds in it. I personally have a primarily tile floor on Gunthar's enclosure, so I keep a dish of seeds in there for him. He occasionally digs around in it, makes a mess and eats a few :)

Gunthar on Facebook-


Good info, Draxx!
Sounds like you are taking a good approach to taming him. I'm betting the patience pays off :)

I guess it's hard to say what his regular behavior will be at this point, but is Gunthar out and active during the day much at this point? Does he act skittish when you approach his enclosure or just when you put your hand inside?


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Thats what I was going to ask too. :)
And thanks for the info. Im still not sure about getting one yet. I want to do more research and think about it more, not just jump into it. All this info is really helpful though.


Chris, he is pretty active actually. He has a routine we have figured out. He generally starts poking his head out of his hide between 9-10 am (lights go on at 6am) and by 11am he is up basking. Usually around this time we will give him his little snack (flower, a few iguana bites etc). Usually he will bask for an hour then do some exploring and hit the salad dish. He then returns to bask. Throughout the day he will take a few minutes away from basking to explore, walk up the glass to see what going on and eat a bit more. Usually between 3-5pm he calls it a day and heads for his cave.

Of course, to throw a wrench in the routine, probably once a week he will either sleep til the afternoon or go back to his cave early.

Since his hottest basking spot is on top of a ramp (foam/concrete background) he moves around on the ramp and different basking spots to find the one he wants.

He doesn't seem to mind us walking by or watching him in his enclosure at all. A hand in the tank makes him nervous, but he does seem to slowly be getting better about it. Sudden or loud sounds seem to freak him out more then us being near the enclosure. If my dog barks in the room for example..understandable really, a beagle at full tilt is quite strident ;)

Katie, if you decide to go for it, really the cage set up seems pretty similar to a dragon, except turn up the heat and provide a tight hiding spot. My 4x2x2crossfire type enclosure seems to be working great. The only change I would have made had I know I was going to get a Uro instead of a dragon was go 18" tall rather then 24". I can also recommend Dr. Dix at Deer Fern for a purchase. I had never bought a reptile or any pet via mail, but he walked me through it and Gunthar showed up when he should in great shape.



I really appreciate you giving the run down on him, Draxx. He sounds like such a neat little guy :) I definitely plan to order from Deer Field Farms if/when I get one!


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Deer Fern Farms is the only place I would purchase from. In my research and thread reading on various forums I haven't read one negative thing yet about them. They sound really friendly and professional.

Your enclosure looks so good! I wish I had something like that for my dragon, he'd love it! Im planning on eventually trying to build him a custom viv, but I don't know if I'd be able to make backgrounds and ramps like that, it looks pretty hard.

I think if I decide to get one I'll put half tile and half seed. I'll also try introducing myself slow like you are with Gunthar, that's good advice.

Thank you for your help!


If either of you decide to get one, I wish you luck. They are really fun guys to watch and interact with.

If you can build a crossfire enclosure, you can certainly make foam/concrete type backgrounds and is really simple. Lots of explanations in the DIY section. I stray from the norm a bit in that I use concrete patch instead of mortar mix, but same result.


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What exactly is a crossfire enclosure? I've seen that said all over this forum but Im still not sure. I originally thought it was a brand of viv, but then I see people saying "I built a custom crossfire viv". This is probably a really stupid question. :roll:


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Thanks for the links! Ill probably go with trying to build myself because I have an exact space that I need it to fit. Besides, it'll be cheaper that way. :)


I am no carpenter and managed to put mine together over about a week. Really getting the glass cut was the only part of the project that couldn't be done with trips to home depot.


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Crossfire tanks are tanks my dad started building about 8 years ago, his name is Russell and he owned and operated Crossfire Dragons. If anyone wants any info on the tanks or need to get in touch with him, let me know. He used to live in Pennsylvania but moved out to Utah with the rest of my family and has since retired as a breeder.

oh, and we used Plexi-glass, worked just fine for the hundreds of tanks he's buit.
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