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These are just curious questions for breeding

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I have a one year old, female bearded dragon that's still quite small. She's probably around 20cm (I understand this is small for a one year old but I'm fixing the issue). Anyways, let's say my male Beardie who is around the same size tried to breed with her, what would happen?
Could it possibly kill her for having those eggs?
Would the eggs develop properly?
I just need to know the details on what would happen.
(This is all just hypothetical)
The reason I ask is because of this whole Coronavirus issue. Like if we didn't have a vet, because of lockdown, how would I handle this?
(The beardies are separated, I just want to know just in case anything ever happens?) thank u.

(Oh and they both show signs of wanting to breed with each other). (Female slow head bobbing, sometimes waving, male head bobbing at her).


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The male will be fine, however a female of that size developing eggs will put a HUGE strain on her system.

I've typically found that larger females produce slightly bigger eggs, so the size of the egg is slightly dependant on the size of the mom (to a degree of which I'm not sure) but when they are that small, it really is a huge strain on them and can set them up for many health issues later down the road.

Under no circumstances would I allow them to even THINK about mating with eachother.

I know it's a hypothetical :)

Iceywolfie":3vq5m8sp said:
Could it possibly kill her for having those eggs?
Possibly but unlikely.
Iceywolfie":3vq5m8sp said:
Would the eggs develop properly?
Probably, but there is no guarantee of the health of the hatchlings once they do hatch.
Iceywolfie":3vq5m8sp said:
if we didn't have a vet, because of lockdown, how would I handle this?
All you can do is prevent it from happening. And its definitely something you don't want to happen.

And anyways, at 20cm I doubt that the reproductive system would even be up and functioning for a dragon. I know most think it's based on age alone, but when a dragon is a year old and the size of a 2 month old, obviously things aren't developing as should be.
Same goes to your male if he is the same age and size.



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Thanks for your help Brandon. I just want to make sure my beardies would be okay under any circumstances ?.


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Can I ask why your dragons are so small? Did you get them as babies or older? You also have to think about the babies that would come from them breeding. Would you be capable of providing them with all the feeders they would need?


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Yeah those guys are waaaaay too small and could not mate at all. The bobbing + waving is not a sign of mating in babies, they all do that as they develop their little pecking orders. Maybe you're asking because you want to let them run around together ? Otherwise how would it even be possible ? It's fun to own beardies but you need to keep them healthy. Keep them from each other's sight and feed them a lot more, also be sure that your lighting + temps. are good so your dragons can grow properly.
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