There’s shed in my beardies poop.


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My beardie is named Mango. She’s about 3 months old. Today she pooped and it looks like there’s shed mixed in there. Should I be concerned?


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Can’t say that’s ever happen to me are you sure it’s shed? Maybe from around the vent and came off when pooped? I would love to have seen a picture so I know what your talking about


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That is possible, she did just shed her tail. But it looks like it’s entangled in there. Maybe when it was mushy and fresh, it caught on her shed and mixed in? Idk but she seems okay otherwise
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I wouldn't worry about it. If she shows signs that you think she has actually swallowed some on accident, then I would call the vet ASAP. The shed could have bacteria in it from touching her old poo or something else. I would just keep an eye on her. Has she been not basking as much?


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Some bearded dragons do eat there shed, Frey’ja has done it a few times. It’s actually calcium rich and stuff, it’s not bad for them. I don’t think you have anything to worry about
totally agree. eating their shed is no big deal. no need for a vet visit.

i would say an exception would be something like the dragon having a fungus and there being an antifungal on the skin. but then the issue is the chemicals, not the shed itself.

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