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Hey all, so i've been noticing a lot of people have these REALLY awesome looking salads! so much variety and everything. i was wondering if you guys would like to share pictures of your best salad and its ingredients. also, how you prepare it, if you use frozen or fresh, how long you can keep it for... etc. Hopefully, we'll get some participants so new owners and even current owners can see what everyone else is feeding theirs and how to really make the best salad for you beardie nutritionally!

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Well, I don't know that I have the ultimate, but I start off with some green (Usually collard, but sometimes mustard, turnip, endive, dandelion, or a mix) then add fruit several times a week (cantaloupe is her fave, she also likes honeydew, strawberries, and is iffy about blueberries). A lot of days I put in butternut squash which she loves. Sometimes I'll put in carrots, but she's not a huge fan.


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here we go! that sounds like a good idea, adding various fruits to spice it up!


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This is going to sounds like an odd question.. But what are collard greens?!
I cant find "collard greens" anyways down here, (Australia) lol

No idea where i can dandelin from either, lol


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my local grocery store (the only place in the area, that i've found) has collard, dandelion and mustard greens. I've noticed that mine don't really like the mustards, but love the others. so i use those as a base. karma and ollie are happy with just that. jäger is a little more picky. i sometimes put butternut squash, strawberries (rarely, they just make a mess lol) and carrots.


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My guys' salads consist of collards and usually another green like dandelion, mustard or escarole, and sometimes a bit of kale to add some variety. Along with that they get grated winter squash (I alternate acorn, spaghetti and butternut squash), grated parsnips, grated green beans, and some alfalfa. I add fruit on occasion, this week I'm going to try strawberries, but blackberries and raspberries have always been a big hit. I make big batches of the grated stuff and freeze it, but the greens and fruit are always fresh. After I thaw the grated part I have to add in a teensy-bit of vitamin B in addition to their regular vitamins. Sorry, I'm at school, no pic :(

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andrewlloyd":38qjjhxn said:
This is going to sounds like an odd question.. But what are collard greens?!
I cant find "collard greens" anyways down here, (Australia) lol

No idea where i can dandelin from either, lol

Collard greens are kind of the standard green in the US. I'm not really sure what all you have in Australia.


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here we go guys! great idea! we're getting somewhere!

today for the first time, i added carrot shavings and apple! let me tell you, is he going to town!!! he wont stop eating! i think it's the apple, he really enjoys it! but as a base, i have collards and kale. i usually get whatever greens they have at my local food store! HE WONT STOP EATING HIS APPLES AND SALAD!! :lol:


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Now this is a GR8 idea......

I feed Pogie two main types of salad. I prepare two containers from fresh veggies and greens that will last about a week in the fridge, so i just alternate the two types.

The first is Swiss chard, Cactus pads (chopped up and peeled) with some baby squash or baby marrows

The second is Green beans and Butternut squash

The beans and squash is her Fave..... :p

I thought about adding apple, but it turns brown so quickly :?


Ohhhh those look yummy!!! I think I need to try green beans!

Prudence gets either Endive/Escarole/Mustard Greens... then I put buttersquash on top. I also mash up Cactus pear. She looooves her cactus pear, but it gets all over her face. I've tried apples and raspberries with no luck :(


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i dont have a pic b/c i'm at work but usually my baby gets the following

collard green
squash (all different kinds, i alternate0
banana (not often because this makes for a mess :puke: )
green beans
fresh green apples are his most favorite

also if hes acting really hungry i throw in some phoenix worms as well!!

i havent tried cactus pear yet... where do you guys get this from?? :?:
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