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The New Adventures of my reptile squad!

So As a few of y’all may know, I used to have a thread from like, 1-2 years ago called “The adventures of Cisco, Thor, Daisy, and Gizmo.” But that thread got locked, and it’s pretty old. And my crew has updated drastically.

I’ve got 5 bearded dragons, let’s meet the team shall we?

We have Daisy, she’s my sweet, (usually) lazy old lady who enjoys sitting on her throne/hide and judging everyone. Shes between 5-6 years old we believe. She’s the only remaining dragon from my original 3 (the first three dragons I ever owned). She’s a sweetheart who loves cuddles and soft things. View media item 60458
Then We’ve got Loki, he’s my 4-year old Male bearded dragon who’s the boss. He’s a big boi, he acts all tough yet he’s secretly one of the sweetest dragons you’ll meet. He’s the 4th dragon I’ve ever owned.
View media item 60950
Then there’s Rocket, he’s my little baby boy who’s not little anymore. I’ve raised him since he was a tiny 2 month old, no bigger than 7” and 30 or so grams... He’s now around 2 and a half years old, 21” long, and weighs 300+ grams. He’s a sweet and handsome dude, he used to be incredibly hyper but he’s mellowed out a ton lately. He’ll just chill out with you for hours.
View media item 60903
Then we have Phoenix. She’s my bite-sized adorable ball of anger. She’s a rescue, and she’s stunted in growth. She’s around 2+ years old we think. But she’s just like a normal Beardie completely, except she’s fun sized! :lol: Phoenix is usually extremely grumpy most of the time, and when she’s not she’s a curious cutie who’ll try to eat anything and everything. She’s my special baby.
View media item 61127
And Finally Mulder, He’s my second ever special needs rescue beardie. He previously had MBD when he was Youngblood which left him a bit deformed, but I’ve since rehabbed him successfully and he acts just like a normal beardie! He just looks really funny when walking now, but he gets around great. I’m really proud of how far he’s come, He’s barely special needs at this point. He’s a very strong and very sweet little boy. He’s around 3-4 years old. :)
View media item 60584
Well that’s all my current beardies, now let’s get onto my other pets.

Gizmo; Gizmo is one of the reptiles I’ve had for the longest, 2nd to Daisy. I’ve had her for about 2-3 years by now? She’s my smol chill Gecko who just hangs out and likes food, she doesn’t do much but she’s cute. View media item 60750
Wilson; Wilson is my 2nd ever snake. He’s the sweetest, cutest, most adorable and snuggly boop noodle you’ll ever meet. He’s around a 1 1/2 years old, and already almost 4 feet long and 1k grams. He’s super friendly and chill.
View media item 61126 (his colors are a bit dull in this as he was in shed, he’s usually much yellower)

And finally Tillery! She’s the family cat, she’s a lazy and food-obsessed floof. Who will trip you to get food, or climb up your pant legs to get to whatever food you might be holding. She’s super sweet and cuddly, she’s very laid back and just chills around when she’s not eating. (Don’t worry we feed her a good diet and we’re trying to get her on a schedule and stuff). She’s suuuuper soft and fluffy, she’s actually not fat, just got like 4 inches of fur on her. :lol: She’s around 6-8 years old by now, so she’s an older girl but still going strong.
View media item 60581
And that’s all my current pets! I’ll be posting updates on whatever goes on day by day here, so be sure to tune in next time lol.


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I took the dragons outside yesterday for the first time in a while. Finally the weather was warm enough for beardies. Here’s what ensued.

View media item 60675So I first took Loki out, just him and no other dragons as he sometimes gets nervous outdoors so I had to watch him carefully. He got a bit freaked out at first, but he later enjoyed the food and climbing some trees.

View media item 60391View media item 61152View media item 60430He really liked this small magnolia tree in our front yard.
View media item 60594He got a bit spooked by birds for a second so I had to calm him down.
View media item 60832View media item 60595View media item 60506I managed to get some really nice photos of him out on the tree. I’m pretty proud of them. :)

However, Loki started getting a bit more nervous so I put him up.

Then I got out Daisy, Rocket, and Mulder.
View media item 60432View media item 60786View media item 61148View media item 60377View media item 61107View media item 61150View media item 61043View media item 60494Everyone got along wonderfully, nobody fought at all, no black bearding, neither of the males fought each other at all. It was great. :D
View media item 60834Then Daisy decided to take off.

WARNING: Extreme Mulder cuteness ahead!
View media item 60755View media item 60578View media item 60584This is my new favorite photo of Mulder, ITS SO CUUUUUTEEEE ???

View media item 60938View media item 60666Daisy just took off to explore the yard. Can you spot the beardie? (Don’t worry I knew exactly where she was and watched her closely)
View media item 60436She loved exploring the yard.
View media item 61138View media item 60505View media item 60691View media item 60888View media item 60776Spot the beardie ?
View media item 60954Then Daisy found a log and decided to plop down, pancake and bask. It was adorable. (And she went FAR out into the yard to find it, I was following her for like 10 minutes.)
View media item 61019She loved it.
View media item 60367View media item 60568View media item 60916View media item 60894Then we took her out to a different part of the yard.
View media item 60787Then my sister brought the other two here as well.
View media item 60415Mulder really blends in.
View media item 60457View media item 60948All three in one shot!
View media item 60521Rocket got shy and decided to just hang out on my arm.
View media item 60612Then he found a stick he liked.
View media item 60417Daisy doing a beard stretch.
View media item 60482Mulder basking.
View media item 60511Mulder enjoying some dandelion greens.

Phoenix didn’t join because again she’s one who’d need to be out by herself and unfortunately it got dark before I could take her out. Next time it’s warm again I’ll let her out. :D


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That's quite the crew you have! I'm glad they get to go on good adventures outside and all have a happy home with you =).


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Maaaaaan I forgot about this thread and site, here’s a photo dump of some of the recent adventures with my reptile squad!

Things have been pretty chill with my crew, everyone’s been pretty good. Most exciting thing so far is that Mulder just recently got a tank upgrade to a front opening enclosure, since he’s on the top shelf it makes life a lot easier for his short owner lol.
My beardies have also discovered they Love to sleep on my nice warm Xbox and watch while I play, sometimes they’ll even try to eat the characters on screen lol

There’s some other just miscellaneous cute pics of everyone too :)

(P.S, How do you add descriptions to photos?)


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Nice crew!

You can’t add a description to pictures uploaded directly to a post. But, you can include them inline and write the names/etc above/below the pics. For images “attached” there should be an “insert” option if you hover over the image. Or to attach and embed in one shot, there’s an “Insert image” button above the text editor.

We also have “Media Galleries”, where you can create your own albums and upload your pics to that to show people. There you can give them a name/description.

And to insert pics you’ve uploaded to a gallery. You can choose the embed media button (camera icon) which will prompt you to chose from your media gallery.
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