The most BEAUTIFUL beardie!

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Dear all readers,

I was just over at Alsip's (a home &garden store) with my mother, and I saw the most beautiful beardie i have ever seen!!!

I wish I had my camera, or even my DSi for that matter, and snapped a picture of it. I mean, that thing was GORGEOUS!

I have no idea what gender it was, but that beautiful little lizard had a deep auburn color, almost a brown, almost a purple. I just kept staring at that little doodah, mouth gaping. He (let's just say that for now) looked me right in the eye as if to say "I think I know you."

I'm still beardie-shopping, as some of you guys or girls may have read my other thread :( I seriously think that guy could have been Scotty's reincarnation, as he looked just older than a hatchling. That boy was $80.00, so I could have bought him, but my mother said "No, he's way too little. I just don't think something that little should be in our house," or something along the lines of that.

*Off-topic* Haha as I wrote this certain sentence, there was a huge roll of thunder and rain pounded on my rooftop. Omen?

Anyhoo, I really do want that little guy, he's one of the most beutiful things I've ever seen. His color is really hard to describe, so if you know what I'm talking about, can you please word it better in a reply. Auburn does describe him sort of nicely though.

Pray for Japan,


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i think you should tell your mother that it will grow and that if she is worried about it to make a leash. i feel your pain... it took me 2 years to convince my parents that i could handle a lizard... but it was worth my little baby.... she was tiny but she grew.... to convince my parents i did recearch and came up with a good debate o n the topic... keep trying... and if they say maybe... you could ask the pet store how long they could hold it for you so that you have more time to talk it over...... i hope you get it


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When I first got Zeppy, I was 17. I was told he was 4-6 weeks old at the time. My Mom was afraid I'd lose him. However, he had no real desire to get away from me, despite his small size. He was a sweet baby who grew into a wonderful adult and lived a full and happy life.


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they grow fast too sydney was as big as my finger when i got him now he doesnt even fit in my hand


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No lol, she daid that as in "They can bite me. I don't care." As in, when you're at the drive-thru and the lady is taking a really long time, and you say "Bite me." then leave.


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Idk if this works with many parents but when I lived at home, I'd do something and then tell my mom. Just sayin. Lol


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I would bring new pets home all the time when I was a kid. As long as I took care of it, my parents didn't care.

Good luck! Hope you get your Mr.Handsome!
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