The Master of Hide and Seek

Oliver: They will never ever find me here! Ha!
Hooman: Oliver!? Oliver come on buddy where are you?
Oliver: Hehehehehe.

Three Days Later...

Me: I can't find him. (In tears on the phone) I've moved every couch, chair, and every piece of furniture in the house. I have checked under every nook and cranny. The only thing I can think of is that he went into vent in the room we are reflooring. But I don't know how he could have gotten in the room... ... ... Yes, can you please come over and help me look. I don't know where he is at.

6 hours later... ... ..

Friend: I found him! (Hooman runs into room.)
Oliver: I is cold.

He had crawled inside one of the drawers of an antique end table in the guest room, by going under it and squeezing in between the back of the drawer and the back of the end table. Where he laid in the dark and cold on a bunch of old scarfs for... three days... needless to say I was distraught. He has actually become so good at "Hide and Seek" the it is no longer permitted to run around the house with out a way to find him. He now has a harness, with a little LED clip on light that is blinking so that if he goes under or in something we can see it flashing. I never had this problem with Phira. Maybe it was because Phira wasn't quite even though he thought he was. Maybe he was too big to fit in some of the places that I have found Oliver. But I'm telling you, this little dragon has caused me more grey hairs and stress than Phira ever did. If I put Phira in the window he would stay there. Not Oliver... No! not Oliver. He has to be Teddy Roosevelt and explore the most dangerous parts of the globe! He had to jump from the highest points ALL THE TIME. He has to climb, lick, and check out every little detail of every little thing! Then crawl on me and be like. "Hold me." Then Runs around again! Spoiled. yes he has a soft dragon cave that I used to keep him warm at night because we lower the furnace low at night to save energy so I put him in a little cat bed with a hot water bottle and cover it up with wool blankets. I woke up... to a thump on the ground at 5 in the morning and that little booty head looking up at me like "Time to wake up hooman!" OH! Yeah, and lets talk about his bugs. Lets talk about his bugs! I have to put them on a paper plate and spread them out (BSFL) because he will eat them so fast he throws up. Oh, and the audacity! He well take veggies off of peoples plates like a Dog! God I love him.


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Haha! We used to have a beardie a while ago who used to escape for weeks at a time, he loved going under our beds and cupboard! Sometimes we found him behind the washing machine! I think Dusty loved the warmth.


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isnt it amazing, how different each beardie is in personality? I have had three so far, and every one of them utterly different! My snuggler, the little warrior, the communicator...

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