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Morning All,
Some time ago I had up a post about a Reptile specific pet shop I was planning on.
The idea is still with Me, and I am taking steps to see it bare fruit.
Now I want some feed back. What are some LIZARDS that you as a consumer would like to see???
Keep in mind that dragons, geckos ( leopard and crested) are a given.
I may be in a position to breed almost any lizard I want to carry.
Imagine an entirely captive bred inventory.
So please keep the posts coming. I dont care how odd it seems I want to hear ideas.
TND Dragons.
Maybe TND'S Lizard


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Blue Tongued Skinks. I have only seen two in a pet store once, one of em suffering from very bad MBD.
I would love to own a Skink someday. I don't see enough of them, I don't even know of any reputable skink breeders!
Any kind of Skink for that matter.
Also, Collared Lizards. Those guys are beautiful...don't know much about temperament/care though.


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yes blue tounged skins are very cool!

Montiers are popular with the more experienced people. I personally love gargoyle geckos, they have the most amazing eyes!

You could also look into water dragons, or frilled's?


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Love the idea.

I find uromastyx very interesting. I've been daydreaming about getting one, or a few. So many different pretty ones. Probably wouldn't happen for a while though. I don't have much space for more animals.

maybe monitors?


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Definatly go for the BTS! Ive read that they dont breed as fast in captivity, so alot of the ones in petstores are wild caught.
How about some Aftican Fat Tail geckos? They come in some really pretty morphs, and I cant find them in any pet stores around here.
BTS, Chameleons, and Uro's. I've started looking for a Uro and I can't find any locally and barely any online either. Guess I have to wait for a reptile show. :)


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Definately BTS and Uro's :love5:

and SNAKES Tom.....ya gotta have snakes!!!
Ohhhhhhhhh I'm going to have to move there and help you out with this :lol:


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All for the Uro's. I've only seen one in a pet store and its horribly cared for. Maybe Rankin's dragons? I've never seen one in the US.
Argentine Tegu , Caiman Lizard, and Plumed Basilisk just look pretty cool, and seem to manageable to have. never seen one for sale though. Just ideas for you.


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Water dragons? I hear that Australian ones are very nice, and you could sell healthy Chinese Water Dragons. Maybe some of the more exotic species of gecko.(The only ones in stores are leos and crested's) Chameleons. Turtles, tortoises, snakes. Endless possibilities.
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