The "Bligg" Arrival ... New Pics(pg112)

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Hello Everyone!

For those of you who do not already know... I am about to welcome the newest member of my family.... Bligg!
He is on his way to my house right now... via the big brown viv.. aka as UPS :D

Bligg is one of Barbara's (fresnowitte) babies born out of wedlock to Ms.Tiggs and Blaze. His name I came up with by blending his parents names together.... Blaze + Tigg = Bligg :wink:

Here is the story of Bligg.... the little beardie who has been melting my heart for the past 56 days and will very soon be here at his forever home in Florida!

Bligg was born on July 15th in a small farm house in Fresno, CA.

Here is Bligg making his grand entrance

Here's the hour old and glass dancing already :shock:

Bligg's first shed at 19 days old....Awwww!

One month old and too darn cute!

Bligg on my birthday last month... BTW... Bligg is my b'day present to myself :D

4 days ago..... Would you look at that big boy :shock:

Okay.... I need another cup of coffee and a peek out the window(it's only the 37th time I've done it :roll: )


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OMG, is today her b-day?!? My gf down near Atlanta that I just stayed with ~ her b-day is today!!! BTW where IS Dawn ~ do I need to worry that I scared her away? I swear I was on my bestest behaviour ~ although, CJ is a whole 'nother story... he never behaves! (I can dress up my family, but I cannot take 'em out!)


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oh, duh ~ blonde moment!!! or mentalpause moment!!! She was getting ready for a week-long family shindig, her mom got a rental cottage on the beach and last Sunday she was getting the cottage ready :) Sorry, so many miles of driving made my mind go thhhhpppppp

fresnowitte Sicko
If we are lucky she might pop in and tell us how the family reunion went or her visit from Thing 2.

Where the heck are you lady?
I miss you!


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ummmm, so has anyone seen Dawn? (not me, the other one!) She hasn't been on since August 23, and that was only for one post ~ hope everything is ok??? I wonder if her evil twin has taken over and locked her in the closet? :shock:

fresnowitte Sicko
Dawn...Thing 2, I am worried about her too. :roll: :(
I sent her a PM on August 30th and she has never opened it. :( :?
Won't do any good to send her an email because she never checks them. :lol:

I hope all is well with her an her family.
Hoping it's just her evil twin.

Gulf Brat! Where are you? We miss your ornery butt!!!


An it would be nice to hear how the babies are doing. :wink:

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Hi Everyone! :D

I am still alive and have not fallen off the edge of the earth, although I believe I was clinging on to the sides a few times. :lol:
Life has been keeping me busy.
Rex and Bliggy are doing well. They are starting to slow down for the season which of course means more napping. They do however enjoy all of their outdoor time in the warm Florida sunshine.
I am going on a trip down to Key West in a few weeks and am already starting the worrying about my FIL taking care of all my critters.
Bonnie I don't worry about, because the FIL is a dog lover and will spoil her rotten. She will actually be staying with him. I do worry about Rex, Bliggy and Peanut(cat), who will all be at home. He will check on them daily, but I still worry none the less. Last time we went on vacation, my FIL called me to report that everything was fine with the animals and to let me know that bearded dragons do indeed taste like chicken :shock: . Yes, he has a warped sense of humor... hehe... just like me.
Anyway.. gotta go, but will check back in soon.
I miss you guys.
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