The "Bligg" Arrival ... New Pics(pg112)

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Hello Everyone!

For those of you who do not already know... I am about to welcome the newest member of my family.... Bligg!
He is on his way to my house right now... via the big brown viv.. aka as UPS :D

Bligg is one of Barbara's (fresnowitte) babies born out of wedlock to Ms.Tiggs and Blaze. His name I came up with by blending his parents names together.... Blaze + Tigg = Bligg :wink:

Here is the story of Bligg.... the little beardie who has been melting my heart for the past 56 days and will very soon be here at his forever home in Florida!

Bligg was born on July 15th in a small farm house in Fresno, CA.

Here is Bligg making his grand entrance

Here's the hour old and glass dancing already :shock:

Bligg's first shed at 19 days old....Awwww!

One month old and too darn cute!

Bligg on my birthday last month... BTW... Bligg is my b'day present to myself :D

4 days ago..... Would you look at that big boy :shock:

Okay.... I need another cup of coffee and a peek out the window(it's only the 37th time I've done it :roll: )

diamc Sicko
Staff member
OMG Dawn, that was a riot! The way you explained it made it very easy to picture the whole thing. :mrgreen: Good boy Bligg!

fresnowitte Sicko
diamc":3t7xfk6n said:
OMG Dawn, that was a riot! The way you explained it made it very easy to picture the whole thing. :mrgreen: Good boy Bligg!
Yeah, but that doesn't excuse her from posting the pic's that should have gone with those stories. :lol:

Dawn you are laggin' even if that update was before expected. :lol:

beardie osk

Extreme Poster
Oh Dawn, That story is a riot with Bligg streaking to the bathroom, and I agree, beardies can be potty trained, I have seven to prove it!! Great stories.

sweetiepie9 Sicko
Retired Moderator
Thanks for the update, glad that Rex has decided that greens are good, especially when they're topping with yummy wormies. I can just see Bliggy thinking, as he's approaching the dog bed "I'm going to be in big doo-doo with Bonnie if I poop in her dog bed, back to the shower for me...zoom!" Good thinking Bliggy & yes, you can train a dragon. Rubio has a large feeding dish full of pebbles which he likes to poop on on occaision, well I warned him, do it again & you lose the pebbles, so found another one last night & now Rubio is pebbleless :roll: He usually poops on the newspaper in his tank (he won't ever poop outside his tank :roll: ) so now he curls up in the feeding dish (it's huge, belonged to a tegu we had for a few weeks) which is right under his UVB, so that seems to have worked out well, lucky for him. :D

gulfbrzdawn Addict
Original Poster
Hi Deb! That is too funny about Rubio being pebbleless! :lol:

I haven't been around much lately, have been busy with this and that. You know how it goes.
Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that today is the Bliggster's big number two and I'm not referring to poop this time, LOL.
Bligg has turned 2 years old today. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was ogling his cute little pics on Barb's thread. Boy time sure does fly! :shock: He is such a sweet and handsome young man and I love him so much. :D I will try and get pics of him up soon.

:blob5: :blob5: Happy 2nd Birthday, Bliggy!!!! :blob5: :blob5:

MissT Addict
I know that feeling, Dawn - I havent been around much at all lately - at least not actively... I have been lurking tho and trying to keep up - I loved the story of Bliggy and the shower - I was just picturing the whole scene in my head!

beardie osk

Extreme Poster
:blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY MASTER BLIGGY :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:

I agree, where in the world does the time go, I remember when you first got yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sweetiepie9 Sicko
Retired Moderator
HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY BLIGGY, the shower trained dragon! You're a big boy now!!!!

I'll be looking forward to pics of your crew, Dawn, I've so enjoyed the updates.


diamc Sicko
Staff member
Oh my goodness, I missed Bligg's birthday yesterday. :roll: :oops:

Hope you had a very Happy 2nd Birthday Bligg!




fresnowitte Sicko
Okay so I have been gone forever it feels like...I really thought I would have found a new post from Dawn here by now. :roll:
Dawn? Where are you? Have you melted yet?
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