The Adventure Pancakes

I am obsessed with my beardies, or as I call them, my “pancakes”. They are such unique, little creatures that bring me so much happiness - as I’m sure most of you understand!

I currently have 4 beardies but have had a total of 5.

Kevin was the first beardie I have ever owned. He is five years old, a little on the chunky side, and is my snuggle buddy. He loves chilling in the window and watching TV.

Calypso Von Blueberry (Blueberry) or “Bloobs” as we like to call her, is one of my rescue beardies. She is silly, sweet, and a little ditzy. She’s 4 years old, but still very active! Her favorite game is chasing blueberries that I roll across the ground.

Marvin the Mighty, formerly named Marvin, is one tough little dude! He’s a rescue baby who’s been through a lot in his life already. But nothing can keep this guy down! He’s 7 months old and already has a lifetime of lizard stories to tell. He likes to act all macho at first - he has a title to live up to! But as soon as he gets pets, he’s just a cuddle bug.

Mango is our newest addition! He’s about a year old from what we’ve guessed. He’s got a big personality and great dance moves. Mango has enough confidence for everyone. He takes no time warming up to new things and is comfortable wherever he is.

Nugget is my rainbow bridge baby. He was a rescue and came to me with a lot of special needs. He was a feisty, little man who’s favorite past time was sitting in the sun on the porch and relaxing with me while I worked from home. He passed away peacefully at the age of 3 years old.

Together they are The Adventure Pancakes!
I’ll be posting random updates and pictures of the gang, because once again, I am obsessed with my beardies! 😊

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Yes please do, we love the happy stories, so many come here for help(and everyone here is happy to help), but it can become depressing. The happy stories are a welcome distraction from the sad stuff.

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