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temporary heat solution?

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At home we can expect a couple of power cuts a year, usually in winter. When there is no available power source what would you use to keep them warm for a few hours, up to a day (our last power cut lasted a full 24 hours). Last year we used a hot water bottle under a towel and placed Finn on the towel. It was a pain and we had to get up every few hours to heat water on the stove. Is there a better solution than this? Done a quick Google search but there doesn't seem to be. We did have 2 Pro rep heat packs both which cooled after only a few hours, did we just get a bad batch or are they generally no good?


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Hi there, what temps. would be the lowest that you would potentially encounter ? If it's not going below 65 for more than a few hours your beardie would be fine, at 70 F for a day or so they'd also be fine but you wouldn't feed them. For heat packs that last from 12, 18 or up to 72 hours you can get heat packs like the Hothhands handwarmer [ these get VERY hot, up to 154 F so they must be wrapped in newspaper or a thick towel and taped ] or the Uni heat warmers that have a lower [ 110-120 ] steady temp that lasts for over 24 hours. They keep their heat by being wrapped in a thin layer of newspaper as well. These can be put in a box with your beardie to sit on top or near.


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You can buy those computer battery backups for usually less than 100 bucks. And then a heat mat. The battery backup should be able to run the heat mat for quite awhile.

But like AHBD said, if it doesn't get too cold in your house you don't need to worry about it. Just don't feed your dragon if it can't warm up to digest.



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AHBD":2g3hgh44 said:
Thanks Brandon, much better idea !
Ahh thanks both - the hand warmers are a good idea - but the battery pack even better! Have just converted as we use celcius but room temp would drop to around 55-60F for up to a day. That's in the absolute dead of winter but that's when we're likely to lose power. I'll definitely look up some of your suggestions though, thanks so much!
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