Teaser for new video.

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:shock: It's already one of (if not the) most re-watchable beardie vids i've ever seen. And i've been watching a TON of them lately :lol:
Can't wait to see the final cut!!

BBD is definitely on my short list when i finally build up the nerve to order my first monsta :evil:

I do 3d illustration and animation. Maybe we could work out a deal if you ever want to add some custom 3d cuts to your vids :wink:


Oh yeah. As far as ideas for discussion...

-I would like to hear more about your bloodlines/breeders.
-I know there are a bazillion care videos out there, but any tips on things that you might do differently would be interesting.
-Showing how you ship your dragons would be good to put some peoples minds at ease when ordering.
-Would also be nice to see what a baby beardies life is like before it's shipped out.

Guess it depends on how informative the video is vs how much eye candy you want to include 8)


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I have seen a couple of your videos and really enjoyed them.
Showing your adults throwing down on critters its always fun to see.
maybe some basic viv info
And what separates your dragons/ bloodlines from other breeders.


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That looks awesome! Can't wait to see the full length vid. Pretty cool idea to feed your beardies in water. They don't aspirate do they?


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The video is awesome. I bought Diablo in 2009....Bloodbank was awesome to deal with...

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