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I couldn't exactly find a forum made for Leopard Geckos so I'm hoping some of you have enough experience to help me out? I have an old 35 gal (long, not square) and im planning on getting a Leopard Gecko at an expo I'm going to in December. I'm not sure exactly what I'll need for the tank set up, I think (??) they need a heating pad under the tank, the only topic i could find was reccomending sand but im having second thoughts after watching Taylor Nicole Dean's take set up as she seems to be pretty frickin knowledgeable on reptiles and had some sort of substrate similar to sand paper (id also be interested on getting this substrate for my Bearded Dragon if anyone knows what it's called), other thank that I can't find much on what to do for a tank set up, would housing two in a 35 gal be too closed in? Would a 35 gal be too big for one?


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Leopard geckos are great. You're going to love having one, and I'm so glad to see that you're doing your best to prepare for it beforehand. <3

35 gallons is a bit large for a leopard gecko (20 long is what I usually see for adults), but as long as you're able to maintain the right temps and provide lots of hiding places, it should work just fine for an adult. I would not recommend housing two leopard geckos together, as even with a lot of space, they can fight and seriously injure each other.

As for your other questions, I recommend reading through this care guide, since there is a lot to learn and there's no way I could adequately summarize in one post: https://www.reptifiles.com/leopard-gecko-care/.

Geckos Unlimited is a great gecko forum with a really comprehensive section on leopard geckos and active members. I strongly recommend joining, and if you have further questions, you can post there. :D (http://www.geckosunlimited.com/community/leopard-gecko-spotlight/)

(By the way, the sandpaper-like substrate is a sand mat made by Exo Terra. Personally I prefer other alternatives like paper towel, tile/linoleum, or contact paper, but it's better than reptile carpet.)
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