Taming the wee beastie!


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Hi all, new member here! This topic is nothing new to most of you, but I’m a first time beardie mom and would like all the tips I can get!

I have a 7 month old little female dragon named Artemis. I acquired her on 9/25 from a breeder and she was handled by her breeder.

I’m madly in love with her and have tried to take things very slowly. I realized I was picking her up incorrectly (from above) and have been trying to start from square one again.

I typically put my hands in her enclosure several times a day, inching closer. Today I spent about an hour and a half with her. She eventually jumped into my hand when she had a little spaz attack. She let me hold her for a bit and when I returned her to her enclosure, she did let me catch her again. She also sat in my palm for a little bit.

I’m looking for any taming tips for my wild little beast!


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Welcome! Artemis is a cutie. Here is a similar thread that I believe answers your question.


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