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Tall Enclosure Thoughts



New beardie owner here and getting ready to upgrade to a big enclosure. We are looking at building out something that is 48"x24"x36". I'm curious to hear people's thoughts and suggestions with regard to building higher. I have found very few examples of people going high despite many notes about beardies liking to climb. We are considering bioactive, although not completely sold on it yet. My biggest concern at this point is of course temperature and lighting. Is there anyone with a taller tank that can share their experience, tips, and possibly pictures? Thanks!


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
Tall enclosures can be good for providing climbing space, but also allow for levels to be built out with different heating/UVB gradients. I've found that they will often bask under plain heat bulbs when given the option between that and heat with UVB (they will also bask under UVB, just not all the time). You could set up an area with a plain basking light and then another with a basking light and T5 UVB tube and provide for choice which is usually a good way to go.

For a good example of a taller enclosure, Taterbug has a 4' tall setup with some photos and description about lighting that may be helpful https://sites.google.com/site/thelizardmadness/photogradient
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