Tales of Fred the adventurer! - Updates 4/25/14

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to make a 'blog' about my bearded dragon Fred.

He came to us on January 16th 2013, around 2PM. When I saw him, even though there were other babies in his tank, :love10: I knew he was the one I was going to take home that day... Of course the pet store guys gave us bad advice, so I'm so glad to have found this place, or else I would of gone on, still doing things wrong. (Thank you to those that helped me!) On the drive home, I was so nervous his little tiny container would slip from my hands and down to the ground, I also thought his container was a bit too small, (his tail was curled a lot) but, after a safe ride home, I held him until his tank was set up, then finally I put him in there, we put crickets in, but he just stared at us, after a little while he ate some. (Again, I was worried.)

Anyway, time for some pictures!

This is Fred on his first day home- So tiny!:

I was very nervous and thought he stopped breathing when he was in this postion :shock: :

Fred, on his favorite basking spot, his cactus!(I'm actually wondering what I'm going to do once he outgrows it, he's on there like 24/7!):

Fred, at the highest spot in his tank:

Oh and his tank has changed since these pictures were taken! :wink: Oh and the pictures are small because they were taken with a iPad.

I love my Fred so much! :love5:


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beardie parents":3pfd453j said:
I hope your day got better!
It did.. Thanks. :) I'm sorry I didn't post at all. I've been so incredibly busy.

But, here's a slight update, Fred is growing really fast, and she black beards me...a lot... And she loves turnip greens....a lot... Even by them selves! (We ran out of fruit and squash, and she needed salad. So I gave her some turnip greens by themselves, and we are going to get fruit and squash today.)
And I also think I'm going crazy. :shock:
I was making Fred her turnip greens, they just looked soooooo good. And they smelled good too. Seriously, I am going crazy! ..and I'm a little hungry now, too.


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My other pet rat, Ziggy, died last night...
I don’t understand. My mom says that he was at the age they usually age to, before they die...
But, how did I not notice? I came up and fed him, and he was a bit slower than usual, he didn’t climb up the cage door to see me. I thought nothing of it. I thought he was just tired, and depressed. I mean, his brother just died. I came upstairs later that night, and he was gone. I kept calling his name. I wasn’t even crying, until my mom confirmed he was dead... I was afraid to touch him. I didn’t know what to do. I was just in shock. Then my little sister came up and saw him and she kept asking why he fell asleep.... We kept telling her that he was gone, but she just kept saying “I need him to wake up!” She loved Ziggy, he was her favorite. :( It just made me cry more watching her say that. Then everyone was crying. I don’t know what I did wrong.


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I'm sorry to hear about Ziggy. I've had a total of 6 hamsters and 2 guinea pigs and the sad truth is that they do have a shorter life span than other pets no matter how great the care is that they receive. It's always hard to lose a pet, I've been down it quite a bit this year as well as having to witness others suffer through it.

Do you have a creative outlet? Something you like to do? I would make a college of pictures of whichever pet had passed away. It always helped me remember the good times and help me come to terms with my losses. Maybe poetry or a song or a story in memory of Ziggy or even scrap booking would help.

Take care!


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I thought I replied to this... Oh, well. Yes, I do have a few creative outlets, I love making stopmotions, and I love to write, and also write songs. Drawing is also one of my favorite things to do, but I’m not that good at it. :p

I’ve had a crazy day so far...
Today I went downstairs to let my dogs inside, so I could go down and take care of my Grandma’s dogs (she’s vacationing with the rest of her family. So, I get to take care of her dogs while she’s gone. They are very high maintenance. Hehe..)
Anyway, so me and my mom went outside to bring the dogs in, Paco, my chihuahua came in, but my german short haired pointer/border collie mix, Buddy, wouldn’t come.
The gate was open, now, whenever the gate is open, Buddy will go to the front door and bark and bark until we come open the door, but this time he wasn’t at the front door, and he wasn’t in the front yard, so I’m panicking at this point, I was about to hyperventilate! I mean, he got away, and he had recently chewed up his collar and his tags, he has a mircochip, but for some reason I couldn’t even think straight.
I was so afraid he was going to get hit by a car, I can’t live without my Buddy...
He helps me calm down when I’m sad or frustrated, and also helps me get my mind off things, he’ll start barking and get my attention and I’m come and pet him, it’s so relaxing...
We got into the car and were halfway up the driveway, when I saw him walking down the road,
(I didn’t see him before, trust me, I was running around the front yard looking for him. He pretty much just appeared.) my mom stopped the car, and I opened my door and ran to him. I started calling him, then he started running, at first I thought he was running to get away, but then I realized he was going to the start of the driveway, he didn’t want to run on grass. I was so happy to see him! We have him now, he’s home. I was so scared, I thought I lost my best friend!
Here’s a few pictures of him, and one of Paco.

^Buddy, and Paco in the bottom left corner.

^ Buddy on his favorite holiday, July 4th. He always howls like this on July 4th!

^ He howls a lot though, any day, just more on July 4th!

^ Paco, a rare picture where he is just chilling, he rarely stops moving! He’s crazy hyper for being 7 years old!


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Wow. I haven't posted in forever!

I have a few updates, I'll start with the ones that happened leading up to today.
My last hermit crab, (who had the same name as my dog) Buddy, died a few days ago, he would've been 3 years old in June! :( R.I.P.

Today's my birthday! I turned thirteen today! :D And tomorrow is Fred's Gotcha Day! Since she came from pet smart, and was really small, (like 5 inches or less.) I assume she was born either on the last day of December, or middle of January, so tomorrow, she will be 2 years old! Wow, time flies by so fast.


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Happy birthday buddy! I haven't seen ya since you were 12 years old LOL.

I don't know if I told you or remember that Vash died September 25, 2014.

I got a new baby. I told everyone about Vash and the new guy already so I can't remember who I told.

Sorry about your hermit crab.

Yay Fred's gotcha day! What are you gonna do for her?


You must have had some hard times these last few weeks. I have never lost a beardie(I've only had Oliver for 4 days after all!) but I have lost dogs, cats, and gerbils, so I know what you feel. I can't believe Fred is already 2, it would be nice to have some pics of him. I believe that Oliver is about 3-4 months old, because he's about 7 inches long. Good luck with mrs. Freddykins!


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Hey everyone, long time no post. :)

Here’s a few updates.

I broke some of my current computers pixels, so there are blue and purple lines growing on my screen. I am waiting for it to spontaneously explode...

She is eating crickets and salads like a machine :D
And also tried to eat my best friend through her glass when my friend slept over last week, but that’s another story... :lol:

I’ll post pictures of my beauty later, I have to go to the store with my mom and little sister.

I will be back! :blob5:
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