taking on another beardie ... choices choice ahhh.

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here are pics from his arrival at my house ....

getting ready for a WELL NEEDED bath ... six times!

first bath, cleaning off the poop ...

you can see how the spine is sunk in, and how his front legs curl in so much

here is the jaw and mouth issue ... well one side, the one you can see sticking out.

skinny skinny *le sigh*


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those poor arms, they just have no muscle (no muscle anywhere really) but they just turn inside SO badly! like the bones are warped that way.


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I have very few words, those pics make me sick! All it would take is a quick google search to see what a healthy bearded dragon looks like. Im sorry but that is animal abuse plain and simple. :angry5: The worst to me is seeing his head on face shot. :evil:

I hope you can make him healthy again, poor little dude. :( I have never had to nurse an extremely sick beardie before but if you need advice I will help if I can.

Good luck, I will be keeping an eye on your thread for updates.


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I wonder if using liquid calcium instead if the powdered would help. Definitely looks like he was not getting any supplements or UVB rays. Exposing him to natural sunlight would be really great.


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OMG, that is so sad. I am glad you got the little guy. For fear of saying the wrong thing about the previous owner. I am just going to say...that little beardie is so precious, and I wish the best of luck for an excellent recovery. He/she is a fighter, and I know that dragon is going to pull through.

I think beautiful dragons has liquid calcium and drache 613 store has some too www.bug-de-lite.com


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well hey cool! that is the site i get my BeneBac from! cool that works perfect.
one question:
SHOULD i purchase some Panacur myself from the site and administer it? I mean it wold only make sense to do so as i would bet my life that he/she has worms and parasites but i am not a vet soooooooo i dont know. I am not in the postion for another week to get her to a vet ... which TOTALLY sucks, i know.
i feel so so so so BAD about that, but then again, i shouldnt, this was not my doing and it was a last minute rescue, hell sometimes today i felt i should send her the bill. that sounded mean, im sorry. im just stressed i think right now :banghead:

the more i think about it, the more i cannot understand WHY or HOW this family allowed this to happen. Im venting right now because the sadness is turning into anger. If she had showed signs of being extremely grateful i would feel more at ease and maybe feel appreciated ... but all she really has done is say "thanks" and then turned around ask for the tank back that he came to my house with. like really??? no, i need that tank, sorry. and then, they now want him back after i rehabilitate him/her!!!? :shock: :shock: :shock: :?:
like WHAT!?!??! seriously?? am i hearing things?!?!? you have permanently damaged your beardie. yes he can get better, but to a certain extent, there is always going to be some kind of special need and he will not be a low maintenance beardie for QUITE a while.
and i would NOT put him back in that house. this is like a really bad episode of the Twilight Zone ... this story is getting more and more sickening and twisted as this day has passed on.
im sorry guys, im just floored, my mind is just floored by this behavior.

ok, well, sorry about all that venting.
THANK YOU for the website with the liquid calcium, its so funny bc just yesterday i was kicking myself for not remembering that website!!!! perfect! ha crazy!
any thoughts about the Panacur? Would you go ahead and purchase it? what are yall's thoughts on that?


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Welll....... not sure what to say about them wanting him back ( :puke:, excuse me). ..... I MIGHT tell them how they could get a CORRECT SET UP and how to PROPERLY care for a dragon if they want ANOTHER ONE but I would tell them "I'm sorry but he is going to be sick for a long time and even after his going to need special care above what a normal healthy dragon will need."
If they REALLY want HIM back then I would INSIST that THEY pay his bills. You'll get him healthy and care for him but THEY need to pay for his meds/food/etc.
:banghead: The nerve of some people! I can COMPLETELY understand your frustration with them! :angry5: :angry5:


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Oh my goodness! I just signed in since I last posted to you. I knew it was bad but this is awful. I read all the threads and can see you have gotten some great advice.

I like the part where you state
He already has tugged on my heart-strings ...
I knew that would happen :laughing6: I just can't believe they have the nerve to ask for him/her back. :angry5: :angry5: :angry5:
I would have told them there lucky you haven't called animal cruelty on them.

On a nicer note, I am so happy for you! I'm sure the battle will be long but your such a great person to sign up for it. I look foward to following the progress you,Blue, and 2nd name Rex will make. lol
Your really gonna need a name??


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i think im going to bump "rexy" to be his middle name, and give him a fresh new name to start his fresh new life
What about Dex Rex??

if we can just foster him for months or however long it takes, and get him to a GOOD HOME - and i mean EXCELLENT
This is Great :laughing6: :laughing6: :laughing6: :laughing6: :laughing6: Your so not gonna be able to give him/her away!


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The proprietor of bug-de-lite is one of our mods, Tracie, aka Drache613. Send her a PM or email asking about the panacur before you order it. She will know what to do.
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