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I've been told this looks like it's just a preshed spot, but I wanted some more opinions, this was concerning me and I was worried it was an infection or calcium deposit, what do you guys think?

It goes under the tail, but it’s hard to see in photos. It’s grayish, and looks similar to his skin when he needs to shed, but he hasn’t shed in a long time and doesn’t feel like he needs to shed, also it worries me because it is SO close to the vent area, and right on the base. The scales are not loose or flaky, they are dry and feel the same as the other scales, but they are a bit larger, like maybe they are swollen or have fluid under them or something.




and questions:
How old is your dragon? A year and six months
How long have you had your dragon? A year and three months.
How long is your dragon? Part of his tail was missing when I got him, but he is about 13 inches including what is there of his tail.
What is the sex of your dragon? Male
What size enclosure do you have your dragon in? 4ft by 1.5 feet by 1 foot
What type substrate do you have on the bottom of your tank? Newspaper
Do you use UVB lights? Yes.
Do you use a separate basking bulb? What kind and what is the wattage? Is it a white or colored bulb? Yes, it's 150 watts and white.
Do you use a heat rock or heat pad? I do use a heat pad because my room can be cold and his temps were too low without, but I'm getting an overhead heat emitter soon.
What do you feed your dragon? Please be specific. 10 large crickets twice a day (wanting to switch to once a day and probably 15 because he's an adult), I currently dust every time with calcium, I've realized this is too much and will be reducing according to a highly recommended care sheet and getting a vitamin supplement. I add variation whenever I can, but usually feed him some collard or mustard greens and yellow squash with an occasional bit of beardie bites mixed in. I also like to give him roaches when I can afford them/when the store has them.
Is your dragon having regular bowel movements (poops)? Yes.
Do you bath your dragon? How often? Yes, I try to do so every two or three days.
Do you mist your dragon or offer water other than in the bath? Yes, I take him out to roam/play often, and will usually mist him then, and sometimes I mist him before leaving the house.
Does your dragon share an enclosure with another dragon? No, and he hasn't since being removed from his siblings.


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Thank you. I just wanted a few more opinions, I guess. I get worked up really easily, especially with my pets, because I just don't want them to get sick and have it get worse because I didn't recognize it. :/

But now three people have said pre-shed, and I already thought that was a possibility, and I agree, this morning it's looking even more like it's just going to shed soon, thankfully. Thank you so much!
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