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Hello, I’m a new beardie owner. My girlfriend recently bought a bearded dragon that’s 1 years old, The other day I heard some noises from his tank and saw him in the air. He had all four arms on the glass glass surfing being held up by his tail. He’s still not that used to humans so when I touch it he moves away so I can’t tell if it’s broken. He doesn’t seem like he’s in any pain, but I want him to be as happy and healthy as possible. Thanks for the help


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Thank you.
It won't be long before your here helping newb's as well im guessing (just ask Rocky2022). This is a great community and everyone here is here because we all love these lil guys, they are amazing pets.


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dude literally is obsessed with my extension chord, anytime he has free time he tries to eat it😂
i can't tell you how many times these silly dragons make me think of toddlers!!!

i agree with xp, it can seem overwhelming when all of this new info is thrown at you. but the goal is the health of beardies. if you want, take a look at my profile information and pics. i have a 4'x2'x2' (local custom build, so sorry no link to purchase unless you are in the portland, or area.) and have my lights inside cause it is a solid top. could get you some ideas flowing.


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He needs calcium daily for the first while, multivitamins 2 times per week. It looks like your using a compact/coil uvb, if so it needs to be replaced asap, they are horrible. Please use a long tube fixture a 24 inch fixture with a 22 inch bulb would be ok. Arcadia 12% desert t5 or a reptisun 10.0 ho t5 are good bulbs.
Beardies are notoriously hard to get to drink, some will drink in a bath, most won't. If he doesn't drink on his own you can use an eye dropper to drop it on his snout. If he still won't drink you can add a little none citrus fruit punch to give it flavor. Don't force the water into his mouth and be patient, go at his speed. He should lap it off his snout. If you go to fast or force it it can aspirate him. You can also get water into him via greens if he eats them well.
I also see the stick on guages, thise are very inaccurate. You need two digital probe type, obe on the cool in and one to get actual basking temp. The ir guns are also inaccurate they read off of the material and don't take the actual temp of the light into account. The probe type actually reads the temp of the actual light so you can pin point your temp.
I knowcyhis probably seems overwhelming but once you get it, it becomes 2nd nature. I know it can seem like some of us (especially me lol) are a bit preachy but its only because we want you to have the best experience with your beardie and him to have the best life possible. I know I've made every mistake possible, and i just try to save everyone else the headaches lol.
My beardie has had a bend at the top of his tail for as long as I’ve had him, it’s more noticeable now as he’s gotten bigger but it’s not affected him in anyway, think it was something he was born with and he’s still his usual grumpy self. Long as they are getting calcium in their diet and access to a uvb light shouldn’t be a problem.


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My male has one also, but it comes and goes. Sometimes it's bad enough i think he has broken it, right now it's barely noticeable. I have no idea why it does it. Both my other 2 have perfect tails. I kindda think it's maybe hereditary, he has had his for his whole life also.

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