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I can't tell whether this is tail rot or not. His tail has been limp for the past couple of days.

Please help!!



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So that's normal? Even with his tail being limp?
Yes this is some info on tail rot
Causes of tail rot are:
1. Injuries/trauma - caused by falls, or by any other bearded dragon.

2. Malnourished - make sure he has a balanced diet and he gets the nourishment he needs

How to identify tail rot:

1. Dried out - Decaying tail won't be able to retain moisture, check if it's dried out completely.

2. Very thin, brittle - Decaying tail won't be able to process nourishment, causing it to become more thin and brittle.
What to do after finding out it has a tail rot:
1. Go to a vet - very recommended
For more info, please see the link: Bearded Dragon Tail Rot: What the Dark Tail Mean & Treatment
T Ask yourself these questions:
Was the tail recently injured?
Was a part of the tail open (eg wound/scrape/cut)
Was flesh exposed?
Is the tail constantly dark? or does the darkness ever go away (eg when in the tank, different environments)
If you didn't answer yes to basically all of those questions, it's not tail rot.
Tail rot is extremely rare. It's an infection of the flesh, from a wound or injury to the tail.
Tail rot is really kind of just a fancy name for an infected wound, one of which is affecting the tail.ail Rot

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