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My beardie Fire has this patch of discoloration at the tip of his tail, and I'm starting to worry that it's the start of tail rot. I know that tail rot is usually when the tip of the tail starts to turn black and shrivel up, but I'm still getting concerned. I thought that it was shed for like 4 months, but if it was, that would be an unreasonably long time for it to stay on him. he somehow got a little nick in his tail when I first got him (he was around 3/4 months old), but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with this. I just want to find out if it is tail rot before it spreads up his tail if it is. Here are some pics:


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Not at all, his tail is fine. :) Sometimes when they are growing fast the part that shed last [ like the end of the tail or a foot ] will stay fresh looking as the rest of the body already starts getting darker , as his body is doing now.

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