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Tail rot or just incomplete shed???


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I’m a new mom to my beardie and she’s about 4 months old. I noticed this discoloring of her tail a few days ago and it seems to have gotten slightly grayer/no color She also just finished up shedding about a day ago. When I go her it looked like the middle of her tail had shed and it was just her body that needed to finish but now I’m not sure. I’ve read up on tail rot and I’m not sure if this is what it is. Her tail is still flexible and doesn’t look dehydrated but I know the first owner had her housed with other babies and she seems to have a few nip markings. Any advice is appreciated :)


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The tail coloring looks fine to me. The tip might have some retained shed on it but it should
shed off normally. Has she recently shed part of her tail or body? It doesn't appear to be
tail rot though. How long have you had her?
If there are tail nips, if they aren't raw, they should heal up just fine. You can get some raw,
unpasteurized honey to put on any scrapes, cuts, etc on the tail area.
How is her appetite doing?



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Nothing seems wrong with the tail besides the extreme coloration difference. It moves with how she sit I.e flexible and otherwise seems seems completely normal but then again I’m new at this. She eats wonderfully. She gets a mix of crickets, silkworms, grasshopper, and very few meal worms since she too young as well as her greens of kale, dandelion, collard green and then of course other fruits and vegetables. She hasn’t turned her nose up at anything. She’s also so social and alert, always watching me and loves to be held. She recently finished shedding about last week. And I’ve only had her for about 2 weeks. When I got her she was still in the middle of shedding and so I’m not sure if the end of tail had shed or not.
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