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Tail rot or just incomplete shed???


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I’m a new mom to my beardie and she’s about 4 months old. I noticed this discoloring of her tail a few days ago and it seems to have gotten slightly grayer/no color She also just finished up shedding about a day ago. When I go her it looked like the middle of her tail had shed and it was just her body that needed to finish but now I’m not sure. I’ve read up on tail rot and I’m not sure if this is what it is. Her tail is still flexible and doesn’t look dehydrated but I know the first owner had her housed with other babies and she seems to have a few nip markings. Any advice is appreciated :)
Has the portion of tail shown in the picture shed recently? Because it appears to be retained shed, bearded dragons shed in patches so its not uncommon for parts of the tail to shed at different intervals. Also sheds can vary slightly in color depending on the stage. To help her with shed you can soak her tail in warm water and gently brush the area with a soft bristle toothbrush in the direction of her scales or spray it with water every now and then to hydrate the shed or you can buy some shed assister (shed ease or shedding aid).

If you are concerned about the nips or just to be safe you can use the method that worked on my bearded dragon when her tail was lookin iffy. Pretty much you buy some betadine and dilute in water till it looks like a weak tea and soak the affected area for 5 minutes then dry off the tail well and put a dab of non pain relief neosporin on the affected area.
Preferably do this right before lights off so the ointment doesn't heat up under the lights and get uncomfortable for her. It is very important to use non pain relief ointment since beardies can react adversely to the pain killers in average ointments. I did this daily for a week and it really helped my beardies tail improve.
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