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I've got some questions about T5 fixtures for you all. I am going to place it on top of the screen which means I need a unit that will sit on top. I have the zoomed "viv" which is just a glass enclosure, but the top is 2 separate screens. The back is wider than the front section and they both slide out instead of being lifted. Now I know the zoomed T5 fixture will sit on top, but I don't like how wide it is. I would like to get the sunblaster with reflector but I have a feeling that the light bulb would rest on the screen. I am looking for people that own the sunblaster and other fixtures with reflector that can verify it will sit on top of the screen without having the bulb rest on it.


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The Arcadia from lightyourreptiles is one that's on my list, but I'd like to stay a little cheaper than almost $100 after shipping.


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I've studied those a bit, and was on the fence. The other thing is if the bulb doesn't sit on the screen, the "bottom" of the fixture where the bulb is inserted is rounded which could cause the same problem. Basically I'm looking for a fixture that rests on the reflectors. Sorry for making this so difficult!


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I just recently got the 22 inch Arcadia like cooperdragon linked. I'm very happy with it. The guy over at lightyourreptiles is the best. Spend the xtra $$$ and get a good fixture and bulb.


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I'm in the exact same situation. Is this really the only option?

From what I see the two options are this fixture that costs $80.00 plus shipping, or the ZooMed that costs $50.00 with free shipping. Both come with bulbs.

So it's almost double the cost. I'm going to make a purchase today, so any help is appreciated.

I don't understand why the ZooMed fixture is so wide? I just want a narrower fixture. Also, I do prefer black over white, but it's not a big deal.

I assume this fixture will work with a 22" Reptisun bulb as well?


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Well if it helps, I ended up purchasing a fixture made by hydrofarm. The model # is JST52. There is another fixture that looks almost the same, but some subtle differences. I think it's made by sunblaze. The hydrofarm is a great light. Nice and bright with the reflector and fits great on the screen. The only downside is the power cord. It plugs into the light at the end, but it is a right angle plug. So the cord goes straight down 90 degrees and basically has to bend on the screen to go to the outlet. It isn't that bad though. It barely lifts the light off the screen if at all. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice cheaper light.


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CooperDragon":3thadvdh said:
The Sunblaster is a nice fixture. I'm not sure if the bulb protrudes from the reflector or not but I doubt it would.

Old thread that's been resolved but since it's back in the feed I want to clarify : sunblaster lamps will not sit on the screen. The reflector goes about 1/2 the way around and it will rest directly on the bulb unless otherwise supported or modified.
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