Sweet Potato Mash!!

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Hi all! I haven't posted in a while, Dana is doing fantastic and we love her soooo much!! But I thought this was worth sharing :)

We've been making these mash balls for George, my Green Cheek Conure, for a while now. And we thought it'd be interesting to make a Beardie version! Turns out they are a big hit with Dana, and your dragon might like them too.

This is the video we got the original recipe from. It is catered to parrots, but we've been making it for both animals at the same time, the only real difference is for Dana we leave out the quinoa and the millet, and we don't roll it in oats, as she really does not need the seeds at all. We do make them into small ball shapes just for easier feeding.

You can also add anything else you'd like! Blueberries, more greens, freeze dried crix... Anything really! =) This stuff lasts a while in the refrigerator, and you can freeze it easily too.

Hope your dragons enjoy it if you try it!! :D


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That sounds interesting! Might get some finicky eater to eat some veggies this way.... Thanks for sharing!


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Hopefully it will help Paradon :)

Also I might add this.... Sweet potatoes and carrots boil MUCH more easily if you cut them up before putting them in the water as opposed to just putting in the whole thing like the girl in the video. Thought that was worth mentioning :lol:


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I made this last night for Zil and he loves it! I just did the sweet potato, carrot and parsley combo. He was taking little bits from our fingers with his tongue lol and readily ate his mustard greens that had some smeared on them. Thanks! :D


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I'm going to make a video, too.

But I'm going to wear nothing but an apron. Nothing. But. An apron.
And we'll make mash balls for everybody.

Anybody want to produce?


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I bet you can mix all sorts of veggies into it. I bet they won't even know they're in there. :wink:


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thegreybush":1olfdd1u said:
I'm going to make a video, too.

But I'm going to wear nothing but an apron. Nothing. But. An apron.
And we'll make mash balls for everybody.

Anybody want to produce?

OMG LOL LOL LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:
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