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So I just ordered 500 superworms. I've been reading on how to care from them. This is what I've gathered so far

Can be kept at room temperature.
I can use the granulated (I think that's the name) oats at the grocery store for a substrate
Need a slice of fruit or vegetable for water
Maybe some egg cartons?
And I'm going to be using a 5 gallon spare tank my sister had to keep them in

What should I do for "gut loading"? I can't do much besides the slice of fruit or vegetable and the oats. Low on allowance money. :)



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I keep mine in a plastic bin the size of a shoebox in the basement. I put a few inches of chow on the bottom. I get the chow from Lindasgonebuggie. Most places that sell the worms will have a chow/bedding available too and it's cheap. You could probably make your own out of oat/grain too but I haven't done that. I put a couple of toilet paper tubes on top of the bedding for them to crawl around on. I don't bother with a top because they can't crawl the sides unless they become beetles. Veg scraps like the stems of greens or some carrot slices are enough for them to hydrate from. I just replace them with fresh veg scraps once they dry out every few days. They're otherwise pretty hands off.
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