Superworm Care and Breeding, a Step by Step Guide

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fresnowitte":875a4 said:
Those would be freshly shed superworms...your beardie will love you for those. They are like a treat to mine.

Thank you so much! I was worried they were something that was going to infect everyone and kill them. It's only my first time raising up superworms so i was worried.

fresnowitte Sicko
Aww Man! Wheezie says shame on you! :lol:
Those are the only supers I can get Wheezie to eat.
Zak eats everything but Wheezie only like soft bodied worms and in cold weather many of the soft bodied worms are not as readily available. I have learned to keep my supers very well hydrated to they shed regularly.


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Don't be too hard on yourself. The first time I saw one of my adult dubias after a shed I had to do a double take. It was SO white and freaky looking. It took a minute for my brain to register and figure out it had shed. Then I called the kids over and made them check it out. They won't touch the adult roaches. LOL couple of tough teenagers right?


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i think the white ones are the ones that shed because i have them too and i find empty shells in my container. i really don't think they're evil, like i said i have those too and i haven't had a problem with my batches of superworms.


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awesome thread im starting mine in a couple of weeks i started a dubia colony about 2 months ago and its huge already but i need some variety of feeders for my beardies so i am going to get the superworm breedign down and get it perfect then later im going to do a colony of silkworms wich i know are a pain but between dubias,superworms,silkworms i think that a good variety thanks for this awesome link i have learned alot about superworms and i think i can do it stating in a couple of weeks awesome foum thanks


9 months and this thread isn't a sticky yet? do we have mods/admins at this site?

This is some of the BEST info I've found on this site!


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Somebody else asked this question but I haven't seen an answer. Is it okay to keep them in a closet? It was said they like it dark but I just want to make sure they like it dark ALL the time. I am moving and have a w/d closet that I plan on using for my colony. I also haven't seen anywhere how many supers beardies tend to eat a day. I've got three beardies and they down crickets like candy, but supers are bigger. Just trying to figure how many beetles I'll need. Thanks for this thread! Its great!


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they like darkness, i didn't see any change in it with complete darkness so it doesnt seem like a negative or positive. . .well the positive being that you dont have to look at them perhaps, or outta sight outta mind. . . i really dont know.

my dragons can eat about 15 a day, 3 times a week. . .however they are adults so i feed them less then when they were juvies. . . with them i messed up and didnt start my colonies early enough so they were past their growth spurt before anything was established.

they will generally eat until they are full, which could be anywhere from about 15+
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