Superworm breeding FAIL =[

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ahh it looks like the face hugger off of Alien (love all those movies!)
congratz on your little alien :wink:


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Who mentioned the breeding filter? Are you talking about the video of the guy who uses three drawers and his beetle drawer has a screened bottom?? This is what I am getting ready to try now. Have you tried this way? with any luck?

I go in every day and pull out dead supers from my isolation box. (an old tacklebox with dividers) and replace them with new worms. You'll also find out that even though a worm as pupated that doesn't mean you will get a viable beetle. I sometimes end up with beetles with deformed wings. I guess this is just natures way of weeding out the bad genes.

One key to remember is isolation. You want one worm per cup until it is dark red or even black, (they can defend themselves at that point) then you can move it with the other beetles.

Also, little info. The males tend to have wings that that close at the butt...the females have fat butts, so the wings tend to not touch at the bottom, so they look like they have a little white patch between their wings.


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i just ordered 250 superworms and a cup of 25 baby hornworms from greatlakes hornworms. this is to start a huge colony. hopefully this will be my last purchase of superworms ever lol. the wax worms and hornworms are annoying to breed as moths so im not even going to try. unless somone knows some kind of ingenious method


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Ok so this is not really working out for me i had 20 beetles and half of them are dead and i see absolutely no eggs or anything whatsoever, i guess ill leave it to the pro's
SnapNYC":3rqgvgs0 said:
Ok so this is not really working out for me i had 20 beetles and half of them are dead and i see absolutely no eggs or anything whatsoever, i guess ill leave it to the pro's

how long since you placed them into the box to reproduce....and how long have they been dead. It takes about 30 days after the beetles are almost black before you see the little guys crawling around....


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From the time you have beetles to about 2 months you wont see the eggs or the worms. They just arent visable to the naked eye.


If you move the carrot you will definitely see them easily by 3 weeks. 2 weeks you "think" you see them but definately by 3 weeks. I can count my worms by 4 weeks. I have never seen eggs though. 20 beetles 50/50 male females should produce at least 250 babies a week.

OP needs to describe their set up better to help understand why their beetles are dying. Maybe he just had too many males.
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