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Super active in morning but super tired at night


New member
Hi I answered the health questions below. I just have a quick question, my beardie Smaug very recently started becoming super tired around 5:30/6ish. She will have her head up slightly and her eyes just look tired. HOWEVER, in the morning she is a ball of fire, she is running ALL OVER the house when we have her out. When she is in her tank she is running all over the place. She is this active up until about 1:30, after lunch she tends to calm down but is still awake and ale45. Like I said it's about 5:00/6:00 when she just becomes extremely tired. Just wondering if this is normal with the season or if this is something I should be concerned about? I have a vet appointment set up for the 10th of November, just wondering if this is for any immediate concern. Thank you so much in advance.

How old is your dragon? 10 Months
How long have you had your dragon? about 9 months
How long is your dragon? 18 inches
What is the sex of your dragon? Female
What size enclosure do you have your dragon in? 48x24x24
What type substrate do you have on the bottom of your tank? shelf liner (rubbery plastic type, solid with no holes)
Do you use UVB lights? Yes
If so, Is it a coil, compact, fluorescent tube, or Mercury Vapor bulb? Tube
What is the brand name and number of your bulb? Wattage (if MVB)? Reptisun 10.0 t5 I have it mounted on top and then screen is open holed (not real fine) I was told that it is appropriate to have it on top with the type of tube it is as well at the size holes on the metal screen top
How old is your UVB bulb? brand new I put it in a few days ago
How close can your dragon get to the UVB? 7-8 inches
Do you use a separate basking bulb? What kind and what is the wattage? Is it a white or colored bulb? white Thrive 100 watt Basking bulb
What are the basking temps? I have a slanted basking log so the highest it gets is 107 and lower part is 95
What is the cool side temp? 80
Do you take the temps with a stick on thermometer, a digital thermometer with a wire and a probe end or a temp gun? Temp Gun
Where exactly are you taking your basking temps? on her basking log
Do you use a heat rock or heat pad? no
What do you feed your dragon? Please be specific. Her reptile vet advised me to feed her greens in the morning and one insect feeding everyday of 15-20 crickets and greens offered in the afternoon before lunch as well
How often do you feed and what time do you feed (morning, afternoon, night)? afternoon one day (insects) I offer greens twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon
Do you gutload (feed) your crickets, worms, etc? Yes with greens and cricket water (the stuff you can buy at petstores)
Do you use vitamin or calcium supplements? What brand(s)? How many days a week do you use each of them? multivitamin 3 times a week, I use flukers liquid multivitamin and calcium (can't think of the brand off the top on my head, i can update with brand later) I use 6 days a week with her insect feeding
Is your dragon having regular bowel movements (poops)? Yes everyday and they are normal healthy looking. Poop is in a tube, urate is soft, and there is extra liquid
Do you bath your dragon? How often? 3 times a week for 15 to 20 minutes
Do you mist your dragon or offer water other than in the bath? no misting but I do offer her water by dripping it on her nose
Have you gotten a vet check and fecal done? Yes, twice this year. I have another appointment scheduled for November 10th and I have inquiring about a fecal.
Does your dragon share an enclosure with another dragon? No


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
That behavior is pretty normal, based on what I've seen with my guys. They tend to have seasonal energy levels. Sometimes they'll be running all over the place till midnight. Other times they'll be asleep just after lunch (or go into full brumation and sleep for days/weeks). I'm seeing my guy slow down a bit earlier in the day recently too.

As long as she isn't showing any signs of distress and is otherwise acting normally, I don't think this is cause for concern and I'd let her go to bed early if that's what she seems to want.
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