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Hi Folks!

Can someone (or a few folks) who actually own/use a SunBlaster T5 fixture with (integral) reflector tell me if the reflecting surface is white or mirrored?

Photos on the web are confusing :? ; in some the reflector appears mirrored, while in others it appears white.

Believe it or don't, it actually makes a difference; mirrored surfaces reflect UV-B better than white surfaces, and white can affect the wavelength of the reflected light.
Google: mirrored vs white reflector for explanations. :)

Reptisun reflectors are mirrored. I'm guessing that if SunBlasters are white, one reason may be that SunBlaster fixtures are designed/intended as grow lights for plants, while Reptisun are designed/intended specifically for reptiles.


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I don't have any Sunblaster T5 reflectors.

General comments.

Polished metal finish is better.

Will reflect all wavelengths of light including UV.

Problem with painted reflectors is the paint will absorb some wavelengths and may re-emit at unexpected wavelengths depending on the composition on the paint ( pigments and substrate ).
I have not seen any UV re-emission scans for common "glow" reflectors.

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Here is sunblaster website for the reflector:
Its pvc with a crystal coating apparently. Not painted.

But like I mentioned to you in PM, we have the acceptable distances measured out for this specific reflector and fixture. It would be interesting to test the output between the reptisun and the sunblaster fixture to see if there is a difference, and what it is. Most people dont go that route just because it's so much more expensive so it hasn't been tested as much as the sunblaster.


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I had that fixture and reflector at one point and it was a mirrored surface on the bulb facing side. It did quite a nice job of reflecting UVB compared to a cheaper knockoff I tested it against.


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CooperDragon":2tmv99m8 said:
I had that fixture and reflector at one point and it was a mirrored surface on the bulb facing side.

Thank You! That could explain the confusion/discrepancy in the pics. Unfortunately, it appears they only have the white reflector now. :(

Not sure what I'm going to do now... :cry: :study:

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The reflector isnt too much, since you're getting the 6.5 anyways maybe you can be our Guinea pig and test it for us lol!

I dont know why they would change it though. The "crystals" they infuse on the pvc might be what gives it its mirrored look. I know sometimes companies make reflective materials white in editing to give it a cleaner look.

But a few people have bought them recently on this board and none have mentioned that it's a white reflector.


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Reflective in visible light doesn't infer reflective in UVA and UVB bands.

Unless the reflector has a polished metal or "vapor deposited" aluminium surface , I'd be reluctant to use it as there is a very good chance the surface of the "painted" / powder coated surface will actually absorb UVA & UVB and perhaps reemit the light in the visible bands , see below for basics :

In short - if the reflector is not designed to reflect better than 80% of the UVA & UVB that falls on it's front surface , it's not suitable for use in a reptile enclosure.
See this for specular reflectivities of some reflective surfaces :

Ref : Evaluation of reflectivity of metal parts
InfraMation 2010 Conference Proceedings p210-p243, Z. Sarosi

This is why I'd be looking for a polished aluminium reflector or a vacuum aluminized surface on the reflector.
The substrate behind the reflective surface is irrelevant ( it only forms the focusing shape and holds the reflective surface in place ).

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Or dont even use a reflector. It's not necessary unless you need higher output.

But like I said, the sunblaster reflector has been tested multiple times by multiple people on this site. It does a good job at increasing uvi output of the bulb.


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Just an update. I needed another fixture for my new build. I don't usually use the reflectors but for 6 bucks more I got it.

It's definitely mirrored.


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