Sudden wheezing while in bath?

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Hi All, I've just had a scary moment with Stumps, and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice?

He was having his bath (twice weekly), which was usual depth and no deeper than his shoulders, when all of a sudden he started putting his entire head under the water. He's never done this before (he's just over a year old), and I didn't think much of it at first, and was actually quite pleased that he was getting some water in his mouth for once!

After a couple of minutes though he started to make this wheezing sound which I have never heard before. I whipped him out and wrapped him up in a towel for a while until he dried off and was warm, and then I put him back in his tank. I've watched him for a while and haven't heard it since, and he's had a couple of waxworms from my hand.

I think he's going through brumation at the moment, he is barely eating and sleeping all the time, and I've been waiting for the odd alert moment he has and popping him in the bath to encourage him to poo. He doesn't seem unwell, just very tired, but this wheezing sound scared the life out of me! Can anyone give me any reassurance please? :?


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Boga sticks her head under the water too. Maybe he just got some water up his nose? Is he still doing it?

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Hi, it sounds like he may have aspirated (gotten some water into his lungs). Sometimes this happens when they drink too much too fast. So, he acts fine now? I would keep an eye on him and if you notice breathing problems, wheezing, dark beard and/or tail, I would have a vet check him.

Could you fill us in on your tank set up so we can help you rule things out before brumation is decided?
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