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My younger sister has a beardie and her terrarium is 3 sides laminated wood and 1 side glass panels. I am trying to secure a hammock for the little lady and the suction cups won’t stick to the wood sides. Any suggestions for glues/silicones/etc that will help secure the suction cups? I don’t care if you can’t remove them later on. I just want our little lady to have another safe feature in her home


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These are what i use.


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You could use rounded head wood screws, just make sure they are short enough to not go all the way through. Or if the wood it to thin for those, you could drill a small hole and use machine screws(rounded head). Put on 1 nut and run it up a bit, then 1 washer, stick it through the hole, then 1 washer and 1 more nut. Tighten the nuts to sandwich the wood between leaving just enough bolt inside to use heavy string to tie your hamock in.


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Thank you all so much!!!! We went with a mix between the gorilla glue and the command hooks. Everything is sticking well and that was our concern, we didn’t want anything dropping on our girl! Thanks to you guys we were able to make her terrarium a lot more interesting for her!

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