Success Feeding Your Hornworms????

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The Tomato Hornworms I use to feed my reptiles cannot dine on tomato leaves. I get that. It is shared everywhere that tomato leaf fed hornworms ingested by your dragon causes nasty toxicity issues!!
My hornworms that "wandered" successfully into pupation loved dining on Mulberry leaves before pupating!! The hornworms did very well eating Mulberry leaves! I have plenty of Mulberry leaves!!
Do Mulberry leaf fed hornworms present any dangerous toxicity issues when fed to my bearded dragons??
Has anybody experienced sustained success making and feeding their hornworms any of the published university artificial chow project recipes,....or advertised YouTube video recipes,....for hornworm artificial chow??
Do you use,...and could you share,...your own successful hornworm artificial chow recipe??
I have success, and independence, raising, breeding, and feeding my large Dubia and Superworm colonies. My inventory of silkworms is easily fed each day from my Mulberry trees. My goal is to enjoy similar success and independence raising, breeding and feeding my growing hornworm population as well. Hornworms are a very nutritious and desirable feeder my dragons love to eat! In order to raise, breed and maintain a decent amount of hornworms,....I need to safely feed them??...........preferably within the scope of my willingness, effort and available resources????


Well, I'm getting ready to embark on a great hornworm chow adventure and will be happy to share what does and doesn't work out. :)
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