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alright so my last beardie i think had problems from the sand thing so i really wanna steer clear with it with this new beardie i have. he is almost 4 months and we will be moving him in his 60 gal comming soon, now my question is is what do you think about that reptile litter?
a freind of mine swears by it but i dont know anyone else who uses it.
and they other question would be tile.
Where do i get it, and whats the benifit of it, and is there a certian kind?
Thanks guys


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I wouldn't recommend loose substrate (sand, reptile litter, anything in small pieces) for any dragon under 16 inches. Tile is easy to clean and naturally files the beardie's nails down so they don't hurt you, I've heard people get it from Lowe's or Home Depot. I'm sure someone can tell you what kind and exactly where/how to get it.


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I'm using Excavator Sand. It has clay in it so Smurf can't eat much of it. It packs down nicely, and minimizes impaction compared to regular sand. He still eats it, but very little.

You should look here: for additional information and product reviews. As I recall the reptile litter was rated 1 out of 5.


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I'm an avid supporter of tile. I tiled 3 cages with slate for $25 from Lowes (they cut for free), and that's a one time expense unless I break one, which isn't likely if you're careful. There was cheaper tile, but I liked the look of the slate better. Anything with a grain that they can grip so they don't slide is usable.
I never recommend loose substrate of any kind, it can harbor bacteria along with being an impaction risk. Excavator sand is close to what they would be on naturally, but in the wild they aren't forced to live in a relatively small area with where they poop.


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Alright then well thank u for the information. Good to know lowes cuts for free! Now all I need to know is my measurements good point with the poo factor. Looks like I'm slate tile all the way now!


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Just remember to take the inside measurements, not the outside! I know, duh, but you'd be surprised...


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peera":6f470 said:
Just remember to take the inside measurements, not the outside! I know, duh, but you'd be surprised...
and leave about 1/2inch at the side so they are more easily removed and cleaned.
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