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if i got some soil and patted it down flat so there was none loose, dry it off with intense heat for a while until its flat baked, would that be okay to use as a substrate? i use sand atm and i know all the risks and all that but iv never had trouble with it before soo.... what do you think of my idea?


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The same problems are still present with the soil as with the sand. litter box issues, as well as possible impaction. I would highly suggest going with non adhesive shelf liners, paper towels, or textured ceramic tiles.


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Well, I would think that if you had a water bowl it would get it wet. When they drink, the water has to go somewhere too. I would think that if there isn't any humidity it would stay dry. But they need humidity. Even if you kept it dry, the lights would heat it, and it would crack and make it kind of loose. I don't know the complete science but thats what I think would happen. It's a good idea, but I think it would get wet somehow


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i, in my current tank have 2 suspended tiles, and that it what i use to keep my water bowl on, so that isnt gonna get it wet.the heat light is directed onto the higher of the 2 tiles so the heat has little chance of cracking the soil and surely it will resemble the "baked flats of australia"
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