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Hi... I did use the search function, but didn't come up with much.

Nero is anywhere from 12 to 15 months old, and 17" long. He was a pet store beardie and one of the smallest ones in his tank. I know he's still small, but he's definitely slowed down on growing, though he doesn't look anywhere as large near like the healthy adults I see on the board. He still has a juvie look to him. I am having a hard time weaning him off of a juvie diet, especially as we only now have small superworms and he could eat those all day every day if I let him. A few weeks ago it seemed like he was switching himself to mostly greens - he was attacking collard bits out of my fingers as I put them in his bowl - but now he's gone back to picking at the veggies and devouring worms like he'll never eat again. (This morning he had 25 small, calcium-dusted superworms along with a few bites of salad, and 10 small superworms for his second meal. I was afraid to give him more because I know the supers can be fatty and thought that this might get him to eat more salad today - it didn't work.)

Salad is provided all day. I've tried the moving salad trick, no go. :( The only fruit he'll eat consistently is prickly pear, and even then, not much. He will not eat apple, mango, papaya, or any kind of berries. So his salad doesn't have that much variety. He gets turnip greens, collard greens, escarole, and butternut squash. Occasionally I will put in some finely chopped red or yellow pepper, zucchini and yellow squash, or peas. He has a three-month 100W T-Rex MVB and he basks under there as normal, 15" from the basking spot, temps 99 - 105 degrees measured w/ Acurite digital probe. He poops once every day in the bath. His last fecal, two months ago, was clean. Poop seems normal.

I'm perplexed; I don't know whether to keep on trying to switch him over to an adult diet, due to his apparent age, or keep him on a juvie diet to help him grow some more. (Perhaps I should get him another fecal?) I also don't know what are the appropriate amounts of prey items to feed a subadult.

I will also start a dubia colony in the next week or two, so until it gets large enough to feed from I plan to continue with superworms mostly. Horns, butters and maybe silkworms also, for variety. I have yet to order the silkies and am a little spooked at how much care seems to go into keeping them.

So I guess my question is (if you have a subadult, that is):

How many times a day do you feed them?
How many feeder items are you giving them in a day or week? And what kind of items?
How about when and what to dust in a week - keep it to 5 meals x calcium and 2 meals x vites? Or just look at the Beautiful Dragons chart?

Any other input you have would be so great. Thanks! Oh, and here are a few pictures in case it helps. I also wondered if he's too thin - the vet said he was a pound, and he feels heavy when you pick him up (ha) but he doesn't have as much "chub" as in other pics I've seen on the board.





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Well, my situation is similar but a bit more extreme than yours- I got Ms Priss at 9 months, she was 9 inches long and 40 grams. She's 17 months this month, and as of last night is 14 inches and 185 grams. I've had a lot of trouble figuring out the right amount to give her as well, and the best solution I've come up with is a once a day feeding like a baby- She gets to eat all the crickets she wants for 15 minutes. She also consumes absolutely astounding amounts of greens, I haven't the foggiest where she puts it all. But anyhow, the plan right now is that I'm going to continue the once a day feedings until she stops growing at an obvious rate (which I am expecting to be soon, it's slowed down a lot recently). She only gets the live feeders at dinner, after she's had all day to pack away usually 2-3 small salads. For dusting, I stick by the beautiful dragons chart.
If you're happy with how big he is, the goal from 12-18 months is to slowly cut back on live feeders till he's getting 30-50 a week.
I think right now, since he's still growing, don't worry to much about the greens. He knows what he needs to make himself grow!
As long as you aren't trying to breed them, silkies aren't too threatening. Just remember to keep the cup upside down for easier poop removal... They do a lot of it! I love the way they smell, lol.


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Yeah, like all of us I worry too much about my little baby. I think I will do like you do with Miss Priss, but definitely to add in other bugs for variety, not just superworms. Thank you for your advice!


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Trevor had a lot of problems with mbd (from birth) and parasites - I spent about 4 months hand feeding him last year he was ill for so long. It means he has been slow to grow but he seems about the same as your beardies and is now weighing in at about 200g so I'm quite happy with him in that sense. But although he is definitely growing he doesn't seem to eat a lot of veg at all.

At the moment I'm still feeding him live food twice a day because he doesn't eat much in one sitting (just offering once a day he will only eat a couple of medium locusts, if I feed twice a day he'll eat about 6) and he won't eat anything but locusts now. At most he eats two or three mouthfuls of greens - not a wide range, he only really seems to like bak choi.
I just assume as long as he's active and growing he will take what he needs, I think 18 months -2 years is when they reach adult size so till then I'm not going to worry about it as long as he's eating, it's quite possible that, as he was so ill, he'll grow for a while longer than the usual 18 months or so anyway
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