Striker and Eri

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I had another thread about my two babies, Striker and Eri, up, but since I've been inactive on this site for a while, my original thread ended up auto-locking. :(
It can be viewed here:

Hopefully I will be able to be active enough to keep this one going :p

I've taken lots of pictures over the past few months and am eager to share them soon.
Eri is growing like a little weed!


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Both my dragons love them!!!
I'm going to try them on the soft bites eventually, but as for the RepCal ones, they make for a good treat and "croutons" for salad.
I don't use them as a staple, though. They get them a few times a week, or when I'm out of greens or feeders.
I'm staying at my BF's Mom's place for a few months, and bugs are a no-go, so they've been getting the pellets and carnivore care every other day instead.

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Won't you be glad to move so they can get their bugs again! Even though they're adults, they still need their bugs. But I understand being at Brett's mom's house, has to be her rules. And eye sheds are just the worst, I've had some get stuck so had to help a bit. I'm glad Striker got it all off. love the panda!


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Thanks Deb! :)
She was glad to get it off, too!
There are some renovations that really need to be done before we can move in, Brett's thinking June or July now.
I'm frustrated that it keeps getting pushed back, but it's out of our control.
I'm mostly upset at living at "Mom's house", and being treated like a kid again. Having lived on my own for 7 years this is a big blow to my independence and privacy. :banghead:
Oh well. Only a little while longer.
I'm thinking that I can probably "sneak" some worms in for them... ;)
What would the best choice be for worms? Thinking maybe superworms? I might order some pheonix worms, but it would be easier to just pick them up, especially since I need more pellets anyway.
I picked some dandelion greens from the garden today. The complex doesn't allow the use of pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers, so I know they're safe.
I've been putting off pulling the weeds until they grew more; and it's paid off! Some of the leaves were over 11"!!
I left some for the next few weeks, though.
As promised, I pulled the roots after picking the leaves, so unfortunately in a few weeks I'll have to start buying them again.

I was late with dinner and bath time today, and someone was very much less-than-impressed!!
He sat there for quite some time and let me take pictures. He even let me pick him up and pet him without a problem. Guess the beard was just for show...

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I can just imagine how difficult it's been to be in another woman's house, but yes, I'd sneak in superworms, they're good for them & they'll add weight on them, too. They can each eat up to 50 a week as adults. Those dandelions looks wonderful, did they like them?

I know you'll be thrilled to be on your own again, so hopefully you'll move in sooner rather than later.

Love the puffed out beard, I think it's more for show than anything else :mrgreen:


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Hi there. I'm Jess. I just finished reading your thread. I can't believe how fast Eri grew! Makes me wonder why my Mushu is so small. :( I can't imagine how it must be living in someone else's house. But I'm sure it will go by faster than expected. I just moved out of my parent's house for the first time a few months ago. Me and Aj(bf) are looking to move to California... Seems to be the time of year for moving, haha. Both your beardies are wonderful.


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Thanks for the unlock, Goonie!

Holy cow, another year almost! This seems to be a trend... Lol Move went well, we did some renovations and have finally settled in (I just unpacked the last of the storage and set up my craft room last month).
I've cleaned up Eri's old tank, and am working on donating it and some supplies/decor I don't use to a local reptile rescue.
The new place is great, and lots of room for the dragons to explore! I'm hoping to be able to work on the garden, and have a list of things I want to plant for dragon salads.
I keep intending to have them try out the tub, but haven't yet. Don't worry, I'll post pics when I do!

I just uploaded all my pictures of the dragons from the past two years, and goodness gracious, they've both grown!! Striker was about 17" when I got her, and Eri was about 3.75". They're both 19" now!! Somehow I still think Eri's smaller, but I guess he really isn't! They're both (mostly) done brumation, though Eri still has some sleepy days, and ready to start a new year! Without any further ado:
(If it doesn't work, I might have to re-learn how to post pics... crossing fingers!)

The new tank setup:

Eri hiding behind Sylvester (his brumation buddy... always curled behind, underneath, and has recently decided that basking on Sylvester is better than his log):

Sleeping on Sylvester:

Yay! that took a bit to remember how to do that...

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Welcome back, love the pics, they sure have grown, both of them. You're doing a great job and love the way the tanks are set up so they can't see each other but are easy to access.

Glad you got your move done & that you've got your craft shop set up. It takes awhile to get comfortable, but looks like you guys have managed!

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Welcome back!

Vash has passed away and Alucard came to me sick so I have a 5 month old male..his name is Broly.

Glad things are well on your end.
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