Striker and Eri

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I had another thread about my two babies, Striker and Eri, up, but since I've been inactive on this site for a while, my original thread ended up auto-locking. :(
It can be viewed here:

Hopefully I will be able to be active enough to keep this one going :p

I've taken lots of pictures over the past few months and am eager to share them soon.
Eri is growing like a little weed!

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Aww the babies! I like the dog too.
Glad you're getting settled. Vash will
be 10 years old on Tuesday, sorry...I
shouldn 't post that, this is your thread.
But I was letting you know April 15th is Vash 's


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Ugh. Having quite a weekend!!
Sometimes being a woman sucks!
Yesterday my Endo was in overdrive. I couldn't even go up the stairs without being in agony and completely drained of energy. Had to, though; Brett took all week to do laundry and I was tired of waiting for my favorite yoga pants, lol.
Aside from that, it somehow means that it's my job to make sure everything's clean and working right.
The suite was Brett's bedroom before he moved out and aside from occasionally popping something in the fridge/freezer downstairs that won't fit upstairs, Brett's Mom never goes down there. She's arthritic, so I don't blame her!
That means, though, that since Brett moved out the suite's been neglected.
I've already fixed the pipe under the bathroom sink so I could store my "girly stuff" underneath (and prevent further damage to the shelf). I've gotten rid of cobwebs and spiders, and even scrubbed the walls (what's up with men and "booger walls"?!? Gross!!) and patched them. I'll be painting in a few weeks, too.
Now I think the fridge is calling it quits. It has a dripping sound, my salmon is mostly frozen, but not completely, and the fridge feels warmer than it should. My veggies are turning faster than they should, too; a well-wrapped squash shouldn't mould in a week!!
Brett says it's 'fine', touching a glass salsa jar *eye roll*.
I've already fussed with the dial, and while the freezer seemed to improve, the fridge hasn't changed. Frustrated because I have no way of testing the temperature (and thus proving I'm right, wondering why I should have to...). Out of desperation, I popped the probe of the reptile thermometer in there, but I'm not sure if it reads that low... Guess I'll find out, lol.
Brett's of the mentality that if something goes wrong, it's best to just call someone to fix it. I guess if he's got the money for it, sure, but we don't, and I can't justify spending $45+ on a plumber when it costs less than $5 for caulking and Teflon tape. My Dad always taught me to fix things myself. Every time something needed to be repaired or built, it was me and him. I learned basic plumbing, electrical, roofing and drywall, general home repair, and even mechanics. I know my way around a woodshop and a hardware store better than most guys my age, and I'm proud of that. I value the skills my Dad taught me, but I kinda wish that Brett's Dad had taught him the merit of taking care of your own home as best as you're able, too.
Then again, if he takes a week to do laundry (and he's off work atm, home all day), maybe I am better off doing things myself, lol.

Sorry, just really needed to vent.
The lizzies had a special breakfast today, I scrambled an egg for them before I made ours, and threw in some fresh peppers and bok choy. They've never had egg before, but I'm out of crix and worms right now and won't be able to get any til Monday.
I'm thinking I might give in and grab some supers, but they really do creep me out. I'm fine with snakes, I've held tarantulas and scorpions no problem, and I regularly stick my hands in a tub full of crickets, even meal worms don't bother me. But superworms and kingworms creep me out. Go figure. Lol.

Beardie omelette:

Yup the fridge is buggy. The reptile thermometer worked (for future reference, lol). The fridge is hovering between 44*F (7*C) and 39*F (5*C) when it's supposed to be a steady 35*F (1.5*C). Yuck. Unfortunately a fridge is something I can't fix.
Eri gaped at me when I put the food in, so he got a mouth full of egg, but turns out he likes egg! He picked out all the egg and left the veggies. Brat! Striker didn't bother eating any at all, so I gave her pellets instead. At least I know she likes those!

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Wow, what a weekend you've been having. So now it's time to let his mom know the fridge is not good and for her to replace it. How do you think that will go over. If the thermometer is toast, the fridge is toast. So you'll have to use hers in the meantime, as it's no good to eat bad food and what a baste of $. I'd eat that salmon asap if I were you.

That egg mix looked really good, isn't that funny that Eri would pick out only the egg, little brat :lol: and Striker didn't like it at all, oh well, it doesn't do them any harm to be without protein for any length of harm.

The Kingworms at King Ed don't bite, if that helps, just use the long tweezer/tongs, you can buy a pair at King Eds, don't think they're very expensive.

I'm sorry your Endo (what is that?) was hurting you today, awful. I know what it's like to have pain, I have fibro and arthritis, had that sort of under control, then fell last Jan/13 & damaged my left ankle, now waiting for surgery.

So let me know about May 3, k? Not a rush, not for a few weeks.

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Brett and Paul sound a lot alike although when push comes to shove (and I mean a HUGE shove) Paul will get the work done. His motivation? Me not killing him. :lol:

Sorry to hear about the fridge, that sucks. It probably isn't cheap either.

I'm glad Eri liked his egg and maybe a couple veggies omelet. :lol: Striker just has no idea what she's missing out on. My babies don't like eggs either. :roll:


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Lol, gotta say, that's some pretty good motivation!

I'm definitely not looking forward to mentioning the state of the fridge, especially since I already told her about the pipe and the walls (though I'm able to take care of those for her). It certainly won't be a cheap replacement.

I'm still utterly amazed at how different Striker and Eri's tastes and personalities are from one another, then reading about other peoples dragons and seeing how unique each other one is, too. It's incredible! And people say lizards are boring! Psssh! :p

I do actually have a pair of tongs, a friend of mine gave me a few things when his cornsnake Squee passed away. I've cleaned everything and used the hides and plants, but I've never needed the tongs before, lol.
Always mind-easing to know they don't bite, though :)

Endo is short for endometriosis.
It's often misdiagnosed as fibro because of the chronic pain. It's caused by endometrial tissue growing where it's not supposed to, creating cysts (which really suck when they burst), and causing all sorts of problems. Hormone imbalance and chronic lower abdominal and pelvic pain are the big ones. I get migraines and fatigue from it, high/low blood sugar spikes (not hyper/hypoglycemic or diabetic, though), IBS symptoms, my wrists and ankles dislocate and sprain easily, and certain times of the month I wish someone would just scoop my insides out so I'd be done with it, lol. Unfortunately I know women who have, and it still doesn't really help, and I've already had two surgeries to little or no effect. :(
Sometimes the pain is bad enough to make me sick, too.
In the past year I've learned about the connection between Endo and gluten/soy/lactose intolerances. I've known for a couple years that eggs and dairy don't agree with me much anymore, so I've gone from drinking a gallon a week to just the odd yogurt and slice of cheese. Now I'm trying to be gluten free, too (a HUGE diet change!)
It does help a lot, but often I still forget.
The other night I had a wonderful muffin and ran out of almond milk so drank the normal stuff. Thought I'd be fine. Spent all night in excruciating pain and almost asked Brett to take me to ER again. Not that they ever do anything, lol.
One great thing about it though; when I'm having a bad pain night and can't sleep, I spend it on the Endo forums chatting with other gals and helping them learn and cope with their struggle. Makes the time pass and reminds me that I'm not the only one. :)

If you want to know more:
(Sorry that was so long)

Hopefully you don't have to wait too much longer for surgery, Deb! Do you have a date booked?
As for the third, yes I can make it out your way; if I can't get a ride I'll be skytrain-ing it, too. :)

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I had a feeling that was it, I'm sorry you're having to endure all this, it really sucks for you.

Good luck with the fridge, Brett's mom is going to have to fix it, you can't get food poisoning on top of everything else!

So I'll pick you up at Columbia Station if you have to skytrain. I'd want you & Jolene there by 10:30, that would work, then Joanne will meet us here at 11a & we can get going. The show goes until 4p, so will have plenty of time getting there and then back. I should be able to take the two of you home afterwards. We'll have to figure all that out.

Yes, your two are as individual as my 6, they're so funny in their likes and dislikes and everything else, too. Puff is already digging I her tank, it's a complete mess of newspaper strips, but if it makes her happy, then it's fine with me. I have lots of newspaper to replace everything when the time comes.


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Yesterday was fun!
Our trip to the expo was cancelled, as two of our group weren't feeling well. Deb and I met and hung out at her place for a while. I got to meet all her crew, and even got some cuddles from Didi. :)
We went to King Ed's and saw all the reptiles downstairs, too. Super cute baby beardies, and a baby chameleon that seemed to want to try to climb on my finger through the glass. I even got to play with a young bird (it's been so long since my aunt had her aviary, and I can't remember breeds anymore). It was wonderful, but reminded me how much I miss Buddy, the first pet I had that was not a "family pet", but my responsibility and lived up to his name very well for the three years he lived.
Afterward Deb visited my place and met Striker and Eri. Eri was so good, and I was so proud of him! Ever since moving his aggression has decreased significantly, and he seemed to love being out with Deb.
He tried to race away, but she was too quick, and he didn't get far!

I'll be starting Striker and Eri on Carnivore Care with their dinner tonight. Again, thank you Deb so much!! (P.S., could you please PM me the instructions, just so I know I'm doing it right?)
Striker scared me the other day with an arm tremor, and I found out that my calcium powder had expired, so Deb also advised me to up her calcium intake (and try the liquid stuff) as well as extend bath times.

Next time I'll get pictures, too. :)

I'm in the process of re-packing, since we still haven't found a house, and I'll be downgrading the amount of stuff I have, so the beardies might get some new stuffies when I sort through them before I make a trip to Value Village.


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Haven't updated in a bit, so here goes:

Brett bought a place!!!!
It's a bit of a fixer-upper, but nothing too extensive. Mostly just a matter of getting the laundry machines out of the kitchen, updating kitchen and bathrooms, and replacing flooring. There's even a bit of space for gardening and a small balcony off my bedroom. We'll be moving in early next month after inspections!

Striker and Eri have been keeping me busy, and Eri especially has been a handful!
I've been taking Striker out in the sun to bask and she's been loving it!
They've both been eating Carnivore Care mixed with baby food. They love baby food to begin with, but they seem to like it even more with the mix, especially Eri. He's absolutely ravenous for it!!
Last night he bit the tip of the syringe clean off!!! Swallowed it before I even knew what happened, and stared up at me. I tried opening his mouth, no luck. He was breathing fine and eager to run around, so I popped him the bath and did some Google-ing. Glad to know I'm not the only one who's had this happen. He's been really active today and ate lots; veggies and baby food, pooped, and swam in the bath. Overall, he seems to think nothing's happened, and probably wondered why I keep fussing over him.
It should pass through in a couple days, and I'll keep checking his poop to make sure and keep an eye out for behaviour changes.
In addition, several days ago he had something hanging from his vent that came out in the bath. I found some posts here talking about sperm plugs, and I'm pretty sure that's what it was. I had no idea dragons got that!
He has also recently decided that he no longer wants to be bath trained, and is defiantly pooping in the tank.
Or on the bed (which he's never done before). Random times of day, too. I have tried popping him in the sink for a bit before letting him run around, and making sure his bath is a little longer than usual. Neither seem to work, and often within minutes of being let out of the bath, I'm on scoop duty again.
On a positive note, I think he's through the aggressive phase for the most part. He still turns his beard dark and gapes on occasion, and oh boy he bobs like no tomorrow, but there haven't been any lunges or bites in a long while, and he's even cuddling and willingly climbing on me!!
He's my wonderful little brat! <3

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Oh Eri, what a character you are :lol: He reminds me so much of Gabriel, the biggest brat I've ever had, but I love him to bits.

I'm glad they're eating so well & I'm sure that syringe bit will pass soon enough. As for the poop, who knows, you're not the only one who's noticed a change in schedule. I blame it on Spring Fever, which young males seem to go through more than older ones (except for Lonzo, of course, he just can't move around as well as he used to :mrgreen: )

Tell Brett congratulations on his new place, you'll have it all done in no time at all. And I'm glad there's some green attached & that you have a balcony off your bedroom, too. It's all going to be great!

I'm glad you're getting Striker into the sun, you'll have to get Eri in, too, if you can keep him in one place, that is.

So good luck with the move, it's going to come so fast! Thanks for the update, hugs to you all!


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It's been a while since I've updated, so here's a rundown:

Eri's been crazy with the jet-black beard and head-bobbing. Everything gets bobbed at. His reflection, Striker, his log, his snowman, the TV, Brett, me, doesn't matter! It's really cute, he's such a tough guy!
He's so intent on bobbing that when I have him on the bed, he'll run to the end and bob at his own tank!
I had him upstairs to watch TV with me the other day. I tried putting Striker's harness on him, but he squeezed out of it pretty quickly.

Waiting patiently for our show to load:

Ok, can I take this thing off now?

I also recently posted Eri's growth progression pics on another thread, so I figure I should probably post them here, too. :)

About a week after I got him, aprox Nov 20, 2012, apx 5 weeks old. Just under 4":

March 22, 2013, aprox 5mo, 9 1/4":

May 14, 2014, aprox 1yr 7mo, 17":

Last night during bath time I took a minute to use the bathroom and came back to this:

Isn't that the saddest beardie face you've ever seen?

"Please Mum, don't put me back in that awful wet stuff!!!"

I got escarole for the first time, since I couldn't find the collard greens I normally get.
Well, I found out that they're by far Striker's favorite!!! She'll mow through two bowls full in the morning and another at night. Normally one or two bowls of greens are enough to satisfy, but not with these! Lol.
She's been taking such huge mouthfuls (almost half the bowl in one bite!) that this morning I decided I had to take pictures. This morning it was mixed with some Swiss chard.

Ginormous mouthfuls is the only way to eat this stuff:

"Lip-smacking good!"

"There's more, right?"


Gotta love that tongue!

Happy girl

"That's all folks!"

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Wow, great pictures of the both of them & look at Sriker gobble down those greens, I'm so envious, not something my crew are famous for, gobbling greens!


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I know I just updated yesterday, but this morning Striker woke up with a sheddy face!!
Her eyes and snout are all peeling, and she's having a major "don't touch me" day. No pets; she shakes her head and pulls away. :(
Guess no morning snuggles today.
I've never had eye crusties like that, poor girl!
We've been waiting about a month for this shed, so I'm glad it finally came, even if she's not. :p
Extra long baths and rubbing aloe certainly helped, I think.
After I took these pics I put in a couple big granite rocks to rub on.
Also, that's her new panda, went through my stuffies to see if there was anything to give away, and that panda was just her size :)

Grumpiest morning face I've ever seen

"So human, you gonna stand there and take pictures all day, or are you gonna go make me my breakfast?"


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What do you think of the pellets as food? I didn't use them so don't know too much about them. Popular when eaten upside down of course.
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