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I had another thread about my two babies, Striker and Eri, up, but since I've been inactive on this site for a while, my original thread ended up auto-locking. :(
It can be viewed here:

Hopefully I will be able to be active enough to keep this one going :p

I've taken lots of pictures over the past few months and am eager to share them soon.
Eri is growing like a little weed!


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Finally got the new house in order!!
No more boxes or bags to climb over or dig through to get at stuff, YAY!!! (Funny how my bf didn't seem to mind...) Some stuff is still in storage for the next move, but I'm fairly happy and believe we can live comfortably for the next couple months until he buys the house. We're staying in his Mom's basement suite until then.
Once the suite was tidy I was able to get to Striker's new tank. It was a display tank at PetCetera, so I wanted to make sure it was extra clean. Right down to running a toothbrush through the door tracks, which had bark mulch caked in. I was pleased to learn that the doors come off, and that made things a lot easier. Wish I had figured that out before we moved it, though. :p
The duct tape residue came off pretty easily with a Scotch-Brite and some WD40, and I scrubbed the whole thing in bleach before rinsing it out with vinegar water (WARNING: if you choose to use this tactic for sanitation, be aware that mixing bleach with any acid lowers the bleach's pH and increases the oxidization [and thus disinfectant power], but also creates "chlorine gas" and is extremely dangerous in large amounts, and even in small amounts can cause damage to mucus membranes and tear ducts. Only do it outdoors or in a well-ventilated room with no animals around, and take lots of fresh-air breaks).
After another rinse with fresh water, I did my "normal" tank clean with vinegar water, aired it out, and started to set up the tank.
It's really cold in the room I'm staying (if I wake up in the middle of the night freezing, that can't be good for the dragons, but I haven't checked the temperatures yet), so I made make-shift tank liners from foam shelf liner and some cardboard. I don't have any tiles yet, but I'm not too worried about only covering it with fabric, since both my babies are bath-trained.
Eri's tank (Striker's old one) has an under-tank heat mat on the side he hasn't seemed to discover yet, and I've repeatedly tested how warm it gets (not very, actually, even with my hand on the bare glass). I think in Striker's tank I'll have to use my night bulb until I can buy a CHE, and I'll mount the lights inside this weekend, maybe even buy some tile if I can.
After working for over a week straight and spending more than a few 24-48hrs stretches, cleaning and packing three houses (btw, another trick I learned this week: Easy-Off oven cleaner is great for removing grease from stove panels, fridge vents, Arborite cupboards, and nasty smudges from doors), I'm ready to spend the evening in a bubble bath and cuddling Striker during a hokey chick-flick!
Here's to a relaxing weekend!
(And here's some pics of the new tank, I'll try to post some of Eri today or tomorrow, too.)

This morning I made her a ramp so she can hang out with me when she wants, or go 'home' when she's done.

A special treat for later :)

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So glad to hear you're settled in & you're going to have your own house soon? Great stuff.

I love the new tank and the ramp is a great idea, too. Hopefully it starts warming up soon, I'm tired of the cold, even though I like the cold nights, sleep better.

looking forward to seeing Eri, too.

Thanks for the pics, Striker sure has a lovely tank with furnishings!

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That sounds like a long last couple of days, I bet your glad it's over. Too bad you still have to make one more final move.

Striker's viv looks awesome, she looks like she's digging it as well. Can't wait to see Eri.


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Not a house of my own, it'll be Brett's, but I'll be renting a room from him to help pay off the mortgage. We're not really dating; technically we're exes, but sometimes it's easier just to say bf/gf because often it still feels like it, and a lot of people don't understand or "approve" of our relationship dynamic. But we both have the understanding that while we're happy together for now, we won't be together long-term.

First, as promised: a couple pics of Mr.Handsome (and his beard)!

And Miss Striker with her gorgeous colours:
Yesterday was a busy day!
Brett put in an offer on a townhouse, yay!!
We went to Home Depot to see if we could find something to mount the lights, I ended up getting industrial Velcro, hopefully it works.
We also went to King Ed pets in Burnaby. I have a new favorite store!!
They look small on the outside, but inside they're huge!
They had ReptiSuns, which I haven't found at any other store here, so I grabbed the last of them (she'll call me when the order comes in, as I still need one more). I replaced Striker's hide that broke during the move, bought her a purple ferret harness, got pellets, and asked about worms. Apparently they only special order worms, because she says they don't have the time to look after them properly (even more respect!).
Brett saw a crestie in a display tank and was enthralled. Even said it was cute! ^.^* I've never heard him say that about a lizard; think maybe there might be some geckos in my future ;)
They also have a rescue and reptile center attached and a basement dedicated to aquatics, but I didn't get to check it out due to time crunch. Definitely going back, though. Soon.

Yesterday afternoon, I hung out with Eri on the bed while I tried to catch up on threads (working on Deb's atm; so sorry to hear about Titan, but glad Rubio seems to be doing ok). He was really good. No biting, and only bearded and gaped a few times. It seems that he's understanding a "command": he gapes, I say "put that mouth away", and he stops. Like clockwork. Strange, but I'm happy with it.

Last night before bed, they both got a hornworm. I'd been "rehabbing" them from the pet store that hadn't fed them and let the tub get really gross. Washed them off and cleaned the keeper every couple days and fed them dandelion greens and Fluker's orange cubes for a week. It was almost like having two more pets. Brett was a little grossed-out, but I got him to take pics while the dragons ate them. Took Eri a bit to figure out what he was supposed to do with it.
Definitely makes me appreciate a store that recognizes that even feeders need proper care and if they can't do it, would rather have a customer get them fresh.

Hard to see, but when he finally caught it, he backed up with it like a dog does, lol.

Striker caught a glimpse of Eri when he ran away with his worm. They definitely don't like each other. Full beards and bobbing every time, and Striker's whole body turns almost black. Thankfully they only see each other on rare occasions in passing or when I have to remove the divider to get at cords. Brett wonders how a species that hates each other so much can survive, lol.

Lastly, perhaps I have no need for a gecko; I have a confused beardie!
He climbed up there at bedtime, and was still there come morning!

I love my little goofballs. :)
We have I tiny window in the room above the bed, but I much prefer the view across the room:

I'm having a really bad pain day from my Endo, so it's just going to be quiet and relaxing. Maybe I'll catch up on a few more threads, and maybe try Striker's new harness out. :)

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King Ed's owns the reptile shop downstairs & they have king worms (cousin to supers) and 3 sizes of crickets, so if they eat kingworms they're 8 cents/worm. PetSmart beside Ikea on Lougheed have hornworms, $1.29 ea for the small ones, $1.49 ea for the large ones, cheapest place on the lower mainland (I've checked!). I've been going to King Ed's for 6 years now, for crickets for my 2 geckos and supers for my adult dragons.

I'm glad you're settling in and I think it's your business about your relationship with Brett, not anyone else's. And you'll have your own space once he gets the townhouse where you can relax. Good stuff!

I just heard this am from my vet, Rubio has a fungus, not sure what type, so it might not be good news, if it Yellow Fungus (that's what Titan died of), he'll be put to sleep as it's not curable. If it's a different type, I'll do my best to cure him, will know in a few days.

Thanks for the pics, and now you know that dragons will climb whatever they can, they don't so much as they get bigger, but mine climb up and down the ramp I have in the living room.


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Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers!
The lizzies haven't had superworms or king worms yet, I'm just a little too icked-out by them. However, I may order some pheonix worms through them when I go back for the light. I really want to see the rest of the store, too.
I took Striker out in the sun today with her new harness. She hated putting it on, but once that part was over she didn't even notice it. She loved roaming around in the grass again. So glad it was such a nice day!


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I'm glad to see the moving went so well. Always good news. The babies are too cute and that sounds like an insanely awesome and addicting pet store.

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It's a good place for fish & supplies of all sorts. They now have a new lady who takes really good care of all the reptiles, which is great. I keep an eye on the baby dragons & make sure they've got good light & are on butcher paper. They have ferrets, bunnies, guinea pigs, snakes, dragons, basilisk, geckos & tarantulas in the reptile room, I go there weekly to get the crickets for my geckos and visit with all the animals. And they have a whole basement full of any type of fish you can imagine!


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Eri hung out with me on the bed again last night.
He's been surprisingly well-behaved since the move. I'm able to have him out for more than just baths and feeding, and he's not lunging after my hands anymore. I doubt the UV would make that difference in just a few days, maybe that the house is colder than the last one? The front-opening cage makes a huge difference in how easily I can get to him, too.

Eri and Flick sharing secrets...

Uh oh! Think Mom heard us?

Just hanging out!

Good thing he just had a bath, eh Flick?

We watched movie together, and he was even fine having Brett there, too. About 3/4 through the movie he climbed up under my chin and fell asleep!! He hasn't done that since he was a baby! I'm so happy, maybe my little man is finally coming around!

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That's great news and he sure loves that bear! Loved the pictures, so glad to hear he's getting back into snuggling :D


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With such a beautiful day, I took Striker out in her harness again. No squirming or fighting it this time; I jingled the bell on it and she perked up. The vest was on in seconds!
She kinda glared at me, but I think she understands that in means outside time. :)
It makes me feel safer knowing she can't dart off out of my reach, and it's flexible enough for her to pancake out.
The neighbours still haven't noticed yet, lol.
Wondering if the vest blocks her from getting UV when she's out, though? It does cover the upper half of her body.

After coming inside I decided to nab a bit of bok choy Brett's Mom bought for dinner. Neither of them have ever had it, so I thought it was a great opportunity to get them to try it.
While I was tearing it up, Jet, Brett's Mom's 10yr old dog thought I was making something for him, so he came bounding in the kitchen, then stopped, looking up at me like, "What is that THING on your shoulder?!?!"

He's a chill fella, so I got him to sit in front of me in the kitchen floor and I held Striker in my hand. He sniffed, looked at me, sniffed, looked again. It was cute!
I put Striker on the floor and took out my phone. I only got a few pictures because it wasn't long before he backed up and decided he didn't want anything to do with her. Lol.

Poor Jet, lol

Btw, Striker loves bok Choy!! Eri's still not sure...

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I'm so glad they're settling in so well. That dog is just the cutest! And my crew have been eating baby bok choy for 7 years! I can get collard greens at Walmart now, which is their green preference, but prior that was all I could find that they'd eat!


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Tonight I had to catch up on laundry. It was all washed, I just hadn't gotten around to folding it yet (or been to lazy to, that's the same thing, right?).
Striker usually "helps" me, but tonight she decided to sleep early, so I propped up Flick and brought Eri out to hang out with me while I the time I was done, so was he! He had curled up under Flick's arm and just looked too darn cute!!
I draped one of his cloths over him to keep him warm while I put stuff away. Didn't want to disturb him too much. He was still zonked when I was ready to put him to bed, lol.
Finally got a sleepy pic with his eyes closed!!

Also found the sleepy pics thread and posted a bunch there, too. ^.^*
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