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I had another thread about my two babies, Striker and Eri, up, but since I've been inactive on this site for a while, my original thread ended up auto-locking. :(
It can be viewed here:

Hopefully I will be able to be active enough to keep this one going :p

I've taken lots of pictures over the past few months and am eager to share them soon.
Eri is growing like a little weed!


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Me too! I think the bright green suits him.
Striker's always used my pink hand towels, since they're getting older. I plan on hemming them with some purple zebra print fabric I have.
Eri used to use whatever towel I had handy, and a few months ago the only clean cloth I had available was one of my bright green microfiber cleaning cloth.... He seemed to like it and curled up into it and hated it when I tried to put him back in the tank. Up til then he hated being wrapped in towels, so I figured I might as well get a set just for him. :p
I'm hoping to make him his own hammock, pillows, and 'big boy towel' with a couple more microfiber cloths and some camo fabric, and a pink microfiber/ purple zebra print set for Striker.
One day when I have time to sew. :p

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That's nice of you. Zy and Jace both hate being toweled off and don't understand why it has to be done :lol:


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Eri decided to take a nap "inside" his scull, after a long, 'sheddy' day. :p


Buzz off, mom! ^.^ <3

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How dare you want to take pics of him while he's comfy inside his skull :lol: Very cute pics of him :D


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Hey all, we're back after a long hiatus from the forum!
Moving this weekend, and of course I'm super stressed out making sure everything is perfect.
The dragons have no clue what's going on yet, but they've been watching me run around the house like a headless chicken moving my stuff around, and I'm sure they're wondering what's up.
I'm dealing with their stuff last, since I don't want to stress them out more than necessary.
I was perusing pet stores this past week in the area I'm moving to (got two job offers in the process, yay!) searching for the right place to frequent for supplies and feeders.
PetCetera was having an inventory clear out (and I mean that literally). I was told everything was for sale. Even some of their empty display tanks!! I found a front-opening one that was 4'L x 2'H x 18"W, so I asked how much it was. After some waiting to talk to the manager, he told me it was a display tank and wasn't going to be for sale, and instead showed me a few different ones that weren't up to par. Disappointed, I told him that it was exactly the tank I was looking for, as a tank that size an being open in the front would be perfect for dealing with my aggressive boy. He seemed to understand, and after some checking around back, he came back and told me that it was priced at $400 (being used but still in great condition), but with the 50% of EVERYTHING sale they had on I would only have to pay $200.
I am so excited!! It's at the new place and has as of yet not been cleaned.
At this point I think I'm going to put Striker (who's still bigger) in the new tank, and put Eri in her old one (an XL ExoTerra).
I think that tank change at the same time as moving will reduce the duration of relocation stress, as it'll all be one big kurfuffle instead of a few over time. I really doubt Striker will have any stress at all, since she's already been through a move and it didn't even phase her, but Eri's a whole different can of worms than his big sis.
Also considering getting a betta and African dwarf frog for my empty bowl, but in all honesty, it's probably best to hold off on any more pets for now.
Pics of new tank set-ups will be posted after the move, probably Monday or Tuesday!! :)

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It's good to hear from you again, was wondering how you were. That's awesome that you got that tank & front opening, too, what a great price, too.

Good luck with the move, looking forward to pictures. Have to give us an update & pics of your babies, too.

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Good luck with the moving! Having one viv set up at the new place will really help make the move easer and what a steal.

Can't wait for some picture updates!


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Thanks gals! Appreciate the 'good lucks'. I'm already having relocation stress myself, lol. Moving the big stuff today, and that includes the lizzies! :D
Think I'm going to buy a few hornworms as a treat after this is all over.
Deb, would you happen to know a place that sells pheonix worms? I can't order anything online, and since I'm staying with a friend's Mom, I really don't want to get crickets.... Only for a month or two, then we'll get a place where it's ok again.

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I think most pet stores sell them, but sometimes it's under the name calci worms or repti worms. Make sure you check the worms out before buying though. Had a couple of expired cups before.

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I'm not aware of any place that sells phoenix worms but Pet Smart has the lowest price for hornworms than any other place I know of. Have you tried superworms?
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