Striker and Eri

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I had another thread about my two babies, Striker and Eri, up, but since I've been inactive on this site for a while, my original thread ended up auto-locking. :(
It can be viewed here:

Hopefully I will be able to be active enough to keep this one going :p

I've taken lots of pictures over the past few months and am eager to share them soon.
Eri is growing like a little weed!

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Well I finally caught up, your two are great! Loved all the pics, that pic of Eri was really well done, what a nice closeup. The calendar comes out in September every year and Alex will put up a Global Announcement asking for 2 pics each, plus an email address to send them in. Gabriel is Mr August 2013! First full pic of any of my dragons. So proud of him!


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My sweet, sleepin angels! <3
Well, Striker's trying to sleep, but Mom's bugging her with that stupid phone again. Poor monkey. :roll:


Hehehe!!! Eri's zonked!! <3



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Some pics of Striker and my landlord's kids hanging out in the sunshine today. :)


Yes, Kory's stretching Striker's leg out. I am so impressed with how patient Striker is!!


I love this one. "I love my Strikes," he said. <3


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Lol, she probably is. :p
I'm sure she doesn't like being manhandled like that, but she's so good!

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"Keep this up, Kid, and I prove to you why my name is Striker!" :lol: I doubt she would, but funny thought

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Wasn't it great to have such a great sunny day? It's almost as if we jumped from spring, back to winter for a few days & now summer! Those pics are wonderful and Striker is a very patient beardie. I know mine wouldn't have been so patient!


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It was wonderful! It definitely felt like summer!
And yeah, it amazes me how good Striker is with the kids. When Kory first met her, he was as gentle as a two year old always is, lol. It took some time to teach him to touch a little lighter, and sometimes she still gets a finger near her eye or her tail moved to a strange position... But he's learning, and she doesn't flinch or run away! I think she actually even likes him!!
And hearing him say he loves her and calling her 'Strikes' like I do just make my heart melt!!
His older brother is full of questions, but not quite as interactive... :p


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Eri passed out last night. He loves his log. <3

This morning

Morning beard stretch!

Bath time today!



Hopefully I can post a video of Eri playing in the bath today.
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