Striker and Eri

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I had another thread about my two babies, Striker and Eri, up, but since I've been inactive on this site for a while, my original thread ended up auto-locking. :(
It can be viewed here:

Hopefully I will be able to be active enough to keep this one going :p

I've taken lots of pictures over the past few months and am eager to share them soon.
Eri is growing like a little weed!


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Sorry for lack of posts (and pics).
The past few weeks have been my "spring cleaning". I've organized and "weeded" all of my closets, cupboard, drawers, and hung up pictures that had been waiting for over a year to be on the wall.

Friday evening I had a huge scare with Eri. I knew that the crickets couldn't escape from his feeding tub, but I had no idea that he could!!
They eat in the living room, only a few steps away from where they bathe after dinner in the kitchen. I had just finished running the bath for him and turned around to get him, but his feeding tub was empty!!
I spent an hour searching the house, and finally I found him in the closet, curled up in one of my slippers.
I've decided to start feeding them in large Rubbermaid tubs. I don't want any more escapes!


Saturday evening I had my Mom, sisters, and nieces over for a "girls night". They watched me feed Striker and Eri in their new big feeding tubs, and my sister took lots of pictures!!
Eri was definitely taking the opportunity to show off his beard!

Sunday was a nice, quiet day with just me and the lizzies. Striker and I watched "Babe", and she seemed to like it. She posed for some pictures after I put her back in the tank, then crawled into her cave and napped 'til dinner.





Eri must have learned from Striker, because he posed for me today (Monday).


Hopefully I can get the pics from my sis soon, too. :)

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Sounds like you did a lot of walking. Great exercise on a beautiful day. Should have taken the babies with you :lol: By the way, they are both so handsome!


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So Striker's on a hunger strike, again. She's pretty much in brumation, so it's not worrying me too much. She still comes out and gets greens when she feels like it.
Eri's eating like a monster, and in the middle of another shed, this time just his head. Of course I can't help but laugh and say, "Dude! Your face is falling off!!"
He just glares at me with his perfect beardie stink-eye.
Guess he doesn't like me teasing him. :p


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Holy Moly!! I just got done writing that Striker is in semi-brumation, and suddenly she decided that running around the viv like a maniac is fun!!
I put her back in her feeding tub to see if she'd eat, but she watched the crickets for a few minutes, then scrambled to get out.
I let her roam around the living room, but she instantly claimed up the couch and tried to jump into her (closed) cage. I gave up and let her back in, where she proceeded to run around the cage and head bob at her reflection before retiring to her hide again to resume the 'normal' digging and scratching...
That's the most active I've seen her in a few months... Not sure what's going on.
Starting to wonder if I shouldn't make her a lay box or something...

And thank you, Zandi, Brittani, and Oki! ^.^


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BlueMorpho":32mltw3h said:

What a fantastic picture. You should totally enter a picture like this for the beardie calendar :) I'm quite jealous I never got a good shot like this of Bandit lol Did you take it with a camera or your phone?

Cute beardies btw!


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^.^ thanks!!
I took it with my iPhone, but I have a lot of experience in photography. My parents are semi-professional, and I've been involved in camera clubs and classes since I was about 13. I'm planning a studio shoot with the beardies at my parents' place some time next month, hopefully I get some more great shots then, too. :)

I'll definitely look into how to enter it for the calendar!
Thank you so much for the complement!!


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I saw on another thread today (can't recall which one), someone posted about letting babies eat til they darn near poop.
Well, I guess Eri must have been reading over my shoulder...
On a normal day, he'll eat about 20-35 3-week crix for brekky, 5-10 crix and half his bowl of greens/pellets around lunch, and another 20-35 crix for dinner and poops in the bath afterward.
Last night he ate about 45-50 crix for dinner, a syringe of squash baby food, and had the usual bath-time poop.
Today he ate another 45 crix for breakfast, and another 15 for lunch! He must have been pretty full, because when there were only 3 left, he stopped and took a HUGE dump, followed by a bath. He's never pooped in his feeding tub before, but I'm glad he has quite an appetite!


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So Striker and Eri officially have an "aunt".

My best friend came over tonight to watch "The Impossible" and chow down on KFC and brownies!!!
She came in the door, and before she even says "Hi," to me, she walked up to the tanks and gushed, "Hey guys, Auntie Jen's here!"
I laughed and she replied, "what?! They're your babies; it makes sense!"
She's not even "auntie" to her brother's cat! Guess that means I'm "auntie" to her dog, Levi, too, right?

My lizzies are so loved!!! <3 ^.^ *


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I measured Eri after his breakfast this morning... He's officially hit the 12" mark!!! I know he's a bit behind for his age, but I think he's starting to catch up, especially since his appetite has picked up a lot recently.

I saw a little more of his personality today, too.
I have a picture of him the first day I had him. Curled up on my neck beside my 357mag bullet pendant. At the time it was nearly the same size as he was.
Today when he was hanging out on my chest, he started attacking it like it was a cricket!! Lol.
He's such a tough guy. :p


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Washing the dishes yesterday an enjoying the sun with my girl! :)
She apparently loves hanging out in the windowsill while I wash the dishes. So cute!!

After I laid out a "beach towel" for her ^.^
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