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Iv'e had my beardie for approx 1 month, and the stress marks on him are just as dark as they were when I first got him. I know that is doesn't necessarily mean stress, but I hear it has to do with errors in your husbandry. Will his ever go away or will they be there forever? The majority of Dragons i see have clear beards and bellies.

basking temp 101-108
reptisun 10.0 tube 6 inches away from basking spot
cool side 82
diet: turnip greens, collard greens, sweet peppers. dubias, pheonix worms, crickets.
he has bowel movements everyday, sometimes 2 per day.
i bathe him every other day.
I handle him everyday too, it seems like he's used to me he doesn't run or anything when I try to pick him up. Here's a pic


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Eri had stress marks up til about three months. It's normal for babies, and they do grow out of it.
Your setup sounds good, though keep in mind some dragons may be happier with higher temps and others with lower ones. You're within the ideal range, so I'm pretty sure it's just he's just showing stress marks because he's so young.
Do you notice they fade after baths or feeding, or are they pretty well constant?

He's such a cutie!!


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Awesome, that's what I was hoping for. Yep whenever I bathe him his marks will pretty much go away completely. I even put him back in his viv today after his bath and his beard/belly were clear for a good 30 mins or so, he looks so beautiful without his marks! :D Then they came back lol.
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