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Hi All! I've had my re-homed BD since end of Dec. He is around 5 YO and had a vet checkup in Jan...all good. He really never had calcium, so just last week I started giving him some (dusted his BSFL and salad), and since Saturday he's been acting strange. He's sleeping a lot, and now he's been in his hide for about 24 hours. He pooped TWICE yesterday (never did THAT before!). He's still eating, but not a ton. Could this be brumation? Or might it have something to do with calcium if his system isn't used to it? Note - he's in a 120 gal enclosure with proper lighting, etc, so that's all good. Any help? Thanks!!!!


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Additional note - I just read the Brumation article on this site and it's very helpful!!! I have to assume, based on the descriptions in that, that this is indeed brumation. I will keep a close eye on him. Any other info is certainly appreciated! Thanks.

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