Strange beardie poo?

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Is this normal?? He is eating regularly, his temps are fine, and he's pooping regularly. He is very active but every time after he poops he goes to the corner of him hammock. He's around 3-5 months old.

Claudiusx Sicko
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How many times a week/month would you say it looks like that?

If it's normally well formed and normal looking, I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's likely just related to not digesting well enough before bed, or the meal that day being too hydrating or passing through too quickly.

If it's constant as in a few times a week, it might be worthwhile to get a fecal check done just to rule out parasites.



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He just pooped again and it looked similar to the one above but with a more distinguished urate. It looked better, but it was still a little runny. Should I ask my mom to take us to the vet? I don't know if we can, she's been super stressed and busy lately and I don't want to add to her workload :(

CooperDragon Sicko
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I wouldn't consider it urgent but if it continues like that for a few more weeks it might be worth having checked out.
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