Storing ReptiWorms

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My husband and I want to get reptiworms in bulk, around 5000 at a time since we now have 2 beardies. We know they only last for about 2-3 weeks unless stored properly.

We read that to last longer they can be stored between 50-60F. Is this correct?

We also read that they can't be stored in a refrigerator because the temps in those are too cold for them. But we have read that they can be stored in a wine fridge/cooler. Is this true? Has anyone else done this method and what are your experiences?

If anyone has any other tips/advice on how we could store bulk of worms, that would be great. :)


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I store mine in a wine cooler at 55 degrees and they last almost a month. Although some do die it isnt much of a problem.


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Cinder9":1zbxxixw said:
I store mine in a wine cooler at 55 degrees and they last almost a month. Although some do die it isnt much of a problem.

Just had to say, gotta love the fire truck pic


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Haha thank you, i have one with him wearing a mini fire helmet that i gotta put on here. Its my favorite :D


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I've also stored them in a wine cooler at 55-60 and had no problems at all. check CL and ebay for cheap used ones though. I spent about a month checking everyday and it finally paid off with me getting a used model for $32 after shipping.
happy hunting!


I've also seen mention of storing them with freezer packs swapped out daily when a wine fridge isn't available. Has anyone done this? How did it go? Thanks.
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