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Ive noticed my beardies stools are a bit sloppy,they get crickets and worms occasionally and there is always grated carrot and cucumber in the enclosure,they also like the beardie pellets.
there is obviously something missing in their diet,well,thats if they are anything like us,a bit of roughage is needed.
Please help.

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The runny stools could be from the cucumbers, carrots or even the pellets as none of those food items are good to feed all the time. In case you haven't seen it, here's a site that shows the best foods to feed in green print: Runny stools can also be caused by parasites, have you had a fecal for each of them checked?

I was reading some of your other posts and noted all the changes that other members here have recommended. Have you been able to make any of those changes to help improve their health? The members here are always anxious to help and the majority of us have had bearded dragons for MANY years so we always offer the best advice we can because we care so much about these amazing creatures. We have nothing to gain except knowing that we are trying to help a beardies life improve as long as the owners are willing to listen to us.

I took the liberty of sharing a picture from one of your other threads so members here are aware of how their setup is or was. We really want to help. :)



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Thanx for the help.
I do understand that the setup i have here for them is not exactly what its supposed to be (if it was exactly what it was supposed to be,they wouldn't be in a tank in my lounge to begin with,but in their natural habitat),but from where they come,i have upgraded their living conditions considerably.

I live in a very small town with a sorry excuse for a pet shop,they couldn't even get me crickets to feed my two,yes,i know 2 in one cage isn't what people on here have advised but that was part of the package when i found the ad.My point is,getting the right globes or tubes for the correct lighting is a mammoth task,the nearest city to me is about 100km away and i work so its a real problem.

Im doing what i can with what ive got and will continue to try making things better for these two.


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Hi,it seems to be going better,i have included butternut in their diet,hate it on its own but disguised with a small amount of cucumber juice they eat it like mad,so that should help.The butternut has about 12% fiber in,i hope that will sort it out completely.
I fear to even ask this cause it sounds pretty dumb when i think about it but what the hell.
I know that muesli isnt part of their normal food but it keeps us fairly regular,so what if i soak just a bit of it in a bit of warm water to soften it up a bit so they can eat it,obviously making sure that if there are pieces of identifiable fruits that they may not have,to remove these?Can this not be tried?
If you give me a ARE YOU CRAZY answer,id chuckle and discard that as a crap idea,so please,at your earliest convenience....
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